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5 smart bedroom storage solutions

If you’re anything like me, the you have a lot of stuff! There’s nothing relaxing about a cluttered or messy room, especially when you’re trying…


5 smart bedroom storage solutions

If you’re anything like me, the you have a lot of stuff! There’s nothing relaxing about a cluttered or messy room, especially when you’re trying to sleep. It can be hard enough to keep larger bedrooms tidy all the time, so when it comes to smaller bedrooms creative storage options are a must. Here are some top tips to transform your bedroom from a hot mess to a sanctuary in no time.

5 smart bedroom storage solutions

Rethink your bed

If you have a bed that doesn’t allow you to put anything under it, you’re missing out on vital storage space. Opt for a bed with legs or, even better, a model like the myers bed which with drawers that which pull out underneath so you can utilise the space without anything getting dusty.

Use your walls

Most of us don’t utilise the space on our bedroom walls, probably because we forget that it’s even there. Fitting some shelves is not only a great way to organise the clutter in your bedroom such as DVDs and books but it’s also a nice way to display any accessories. Although, beware of the height you are building this shelf space at, the last thing you want is to be banging your head as you climb out of bed each morning.

Regiment your dresser

Organising the space within your drawers can be a great way to optimise it – you’d be surprised at how much extra room you can create by simply folding your clothes in the correct way. Drawer-dividers can help to better separate your categories of clothing, so you won’t have to pull everything out to find the shorts beneath the pile of t-shirts. If you are really short of space then vacuum packing your clothing that is out-of-season – such as your chunky knit jumper collection in the height of summer – then this is also a great way to make sure everything is taking up as little space as possible.

Multi-purpose furniture

Not everything in your bedroom must have a secret compartment or a magical lid that lifts to reveal a treasure trove of additional storage – but you’d certainly have less of a space problem if this was the case. The beauty of this type of furniture is that you can’t even tell that they’re providing extra storage, so you will end up with a particularly tasteful room-fitting that no one else will know leads a double life!

Turn your accessories into artwork

Putting your jewellery or other mementos onto a corkboard can massively help free up some much-needed space in your drawers. Featuring these accessories on your walls can actually help to improve the feel of the place and make your room feel a bit more personalised. This is a project you can get quite creative on, turn old ticket stubs for movies and trains into picture collages of something pretty.


  1. My bedroom gets so messy so easily too and I am guilty of having clothes all over the place too! :/ Haha, you have put together such a nice post for staying organised. Definitely planning to turn my accessories into artwork too. 🙂 x

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  2. I definitely like the idea of multipurpose furniture and have a few seats that also double as storage. I refuse to store anything under the bed though because that is a feng shui no no that leads to bad energy.

  3. I have so many boxes for storage under my bed, and it’s such a good place to hide things! 🙂 Tania Michele xx

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