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My typical week working full time, daily blogging, going to the gym and doing a relationship

I know a lot of people who struggle to work full time and blog. Let alone work full time and blog every day. And go…


how to blog daily

I know a lot of people who struggle to work full time and blog. Let alone work full time and blog every day. And go to the gym. And have a relationship.

I’ve been blogging daily for almost three years now and wanted to share what my typical week looks like.

Of course, my weeks do sometimes vary. Sometimes I work different hours. Sometimes my days off change. Sometimes I see my boyfriend during the week. Sometimes I sacrifice my Tuesday morning workout so I can write a few extra posts before work if I know I’m going to be busier than normal or if I have extra social plans.

But typically, this is my week:

how i blog daily

6:50 am: Wake-up, shower, get dressed, kiss my boyfriend goodbye.
7:30 am: Leave my boyfriends house.
9:00 am: Arrive at work.
1:00 pm: Lunch break – schedule some tweets and play on Twitter.
6:00 pm: Leave work.
6:30 pm: Get to the gym, workout for around 45 minutes.
7:30 pm: Get home, shower and have tea.
8:30 pm: Comment on some blogs, write a blog post:
9:30 pm: Watch TV for an hour or so.

8:30 am: Wakeup, wash pots, make coffee and watch YouTube.
9:30 am: Go to the gym, workout for around 45-minutes.
11:00 am: Shower, wash hair and make dinner.
12:40 am: Set off for work.
1:00 pm: Arrive at work.
5:00 pm: Lunch break – schedule some tweets and play on Twitter.
10:00 pm: Leave work.
10:30 pm: Shower, put PJs on, turn the computer on and comment on blogs.
11:30pm: Bed

7:00 am: Wake up, make coffee.
7:30 am: Leave for work.
8:00 am: Arrive at work.
1:00 pm: Lunch break – schedule some tweets and play on Twitter.
5:00 pm: Leave work.
5:30 pm: Arrive at gym, work out for around an hour.
7:00 pm: Get home, shower, put clothes in washer, make dinner.
8:00 pm: Write a blog post, reply to emails, comment on blogs.
9:30 pm: Watch TV for an hour or so.

6:10 am: Wake up, make coffee.
6:45 am: Leave for work.
7:00 am: Arrive at work.
1:00 pm: Lunch break – schedule some tweets and play on Twitter.
4:00 pm: Leave work.
4:30 pm: Arrive home, put PJs on.
4:45 pm: Clean flat.
7:00 pm: Make dinner.
7:45 pm: Write a blog post, comment on blogs.

9:00 am: Get up, make breakfast and play on the computer.
10:00 am: Go to the gym, work out for 1 hour.
12:00 am: Get home, shower and make dinner.
1:00 pm: Reply to emails and blog – write 6-8 blog posts.
8:00 pm: Watch TV/play Xbox.
11:00 pm: Go to bed.

7:00 am : Wake up, make coffee.
7:30 am: Leave for work.
8:00 am: Arrive at work.
1:00 pm: Lunch break – schedule some tweets and play on Twitter.
5:00 pm: Leave work and head to boyfriends.
6:00 pm: Arrive at boyfriends, shower.
7:00 pm: Write #socialbloggers post and fitness update post.
8:00 pm: Comment on blogs.
8:30 pm: Play on PS4
10:30 pm: Boyfriend comes home, so drink wine and watch TV.

9:00 am: Wake up.
10:00 am: Get up and have a bacon sandwich.
10:30 am: Write blog posts if the boyfriend has gone for a bike ride or/then spend the day with him.
10:30 pm: Go to bed.

What I’ve achieved:

  • Around 10 blog posts.
  • Around 4 workouts.
  • Working full time.
  • Spending 2 nights and a full day with my boyfriend.
  • Keeping my flat clean.
  • Eating well.

I would say my key is to get your staple routine in place and work around it if anything changes. Like I know there might be times I work a 1:00 pm – 10:00 pm on a Saturday – so I can use the morning to write posts or go to the gym. If I have social plans, I know I need to cut something out that I’ll need to make up somewhere else so I’ll sacrifice gym time or TV time. Blogging is important, so I’ll never sacrifice a blog post.

I have my week planned out already so I know what I’ll be doing when.

Although it took a few years to get into this routine, I find it’s really do-able and I get a lot of satisfaction out of cramming everything in that I cram in. Of course, it would be wondeful to have more TV time, but not very satisfying!

What does your week look like?


  1. Great stuff, almost a military operation! But you’re right planning is the key to getting stuff done. I plan on a daily basis but I guess my day/week has a pretty good routine

    Jen x

  2. Oh my goodness, you are so organised and productive. I am definitely not this organised!!

    Rachael xx.

  3. I’ve definitely found that having a routine is the only way I can keep the house clean, spend time with my fiance, friends and family, blog and work. I have a cleaning schedule, a blogging schedule, pretty much everything is scheduled so I know what I can do when and don’t miss anything! I’m blown away by how much you do in a week though!!

  4. I try to organize my week, but having two school-age children always comes up with unscheduled activities, including last-minute family reunions and it’s complicated I would like to write every day but there are weeks that complicate me.

  5. Corinne’s not a very common name, especially spelled with one ‘r’ and two ‘n’s, so I always make an effort to stop and say hello. Hello! I’m currently on the ‘slow blogging’ train, and am happy if I can get out one blog post per week with everything else in life. But you’re an inspiration, and I think I can take some tips from you! Thanks for the great post.

    And now.. to make some coffee!

    Corinne |

  6. Interesting… I generally only write one blog post a week, but then I do train 8-9 times which is my priority. I also have a longer journey to/from work which is a pain! I’m also quite slow at writing blog posts, it can take me several hours whereas you seem to be super speedy!

  7. Let me just say – wow! And all this time I thought I was organised but after reading your post I’ve realized there’s still so many things I need to work on in order to become more productive.

  8. Good grief, you have your week down to the minute. I’m currently struggling with work, blogging, rehearsals, housework, marriage and kids so unfortunately blogging almost always has to take a back seat. I wish I was half as organised as you!

  9. This is inspiring, I could definitely get more done in my day if I planned like this and was more disciplined!

  10. This is commendable and while I do not blog every day because product photography takes up a lot of my hours, I learned to cram in some blog posts while I was managing studies full time at an engineering college. It really is all about getting used to and the satisfaction that comes with it. 🙂 x

  11. I’d love to start daily blogging! Your routine seems so solid, I can barely stick to my own ahaha

    Thanks for sharing!

    xo, Becca

  12. So many people are quick to use the excuse that they don’t have enough time – truth is that they just don’t want it badly enough to make it a priority 😉
    We all have the same 24 hours in a day, and as you proved here – it can be super productive if someone puts the effort into making it so!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Britt |

  13. You manage to fit so much in to your days. Mine all look like – work, eat, internet, sleep. Repeat.

    This was a really interesting insight into your life. Super easy to read with how you’ve laid it out too. I love blog posts like this.

  14. Wow, six to 8 blog posts in one afternoon? You’re my hero! This routine is admirable, I don’t think it could ever work for me as I eat out/visit friends two to three nights a week plus do most of our housework (have never understood why people want big houses, it’s just more to clean!) and I often don’t get home from work till about 6.30 – 7pm so by the time I’ve eaten, showered and tidied the house I just want to roll in to bed! I definitely need to make more time for exercise though, I think it will have many benefits for me.

  15. I’m big on routine too. I find it helps me start my days relaxed rather than getting stressed out before I even get to the tube station. You inspired me to write down what I get up to during the day and it highlighted that I do have some spare time which I could dedicate to my blog. Writing it all down made me realise that I spend a lot of time at the weekend and in the evenings just doing nothing, my excuse was that I’m tired from work and sitting behind a computer doesn’t inspire me to do the same at home. However, I’m sure I can handle a few extra hours. Thanks. xx

    Maya |

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