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How to win at Pinterest

Pinterest is something that baffled me for years. At first, I just felt like I couldn’t keep up with yet another social media site so…


How to win at Pinterest

Pinterest is something that baffled me for years.

At first, I just felt like I couldn’t keep up with yet another social media site so never bothered. Then I gave it a go for myself.

Pinterest is still something I need to work on. These tips don’t work magic overnight and it’s taken me around a year to get a steady amount of traffic for Pinterest. For the first few months, I was lucky if I had one referral from the damn site.

So here are the things I’ve learnt after a year of trying to crack Pinterest.

How to win at Pinterest

Know that chances of getting a post to go viral are low.

It’s the Pinterest jackpot, getting a post that is shared over and over again. But much like on Twitter and Facebook – going viral will remain a pipe dream for most. But don’t despair – you can still get a steady flow of traffic from Pinterest. Remember growth takes time so don’t get disheartened if it takes a few months to see some results.

Follow other users in your niche.

I follow lots of bloggers on Pinterest, as well as those accounts that share tips on topics such as blogging, social media, photography and making money online.

This is a good way to get some people following you, as long as a way to get Pins in your feed that you can re-pin.

Have a profile photo.

You know when someone follows you on Twitter and they’re still an egg? You think spammer, bot, hacker – right? Well, the same thing can be said for Pinterest. Not having a profile picture is a huge turn-off. So get a photo uploaded! It’s always a good idea to have a similar photo to your other profiles so you can be easily spotted and recognised by others.

Put keywords in your profile.

How to win at Pinterest

Make sure you put keywords in your bio to help people find you when they search on Pinterest. I’ve put some keywords in mine that I want people to find me from.

You could put something like: Debbie | Beauty blogger/Fashion addict/makeup guru etc.

Who the fuck is Debbie, like? I dunno.

Put most important boards first.

You can quickly end up with a lot of boards, the best thing to do is put your most important boards that you want people to see the most to the top of your profile.

Theme your board cover photos.

You can pick the photos that are on your board covers, so if a theme is your thing, pick similar colours or styles to make your boards look more fluid.

You can even create your own board covers and manually upload them.

Have SEO friendly board names. 

Ensure your board names are searchable terms, avoid things like ‘random stuff’ and ‘things I like’.

Be specific ‘Summer outfit ideas’ or ‘social media strategy’.

Have long descriptions.

This is something I’m bad at, but remember to have long descriptions to your pins that have your target keywords in to help people find your pins.

Verify your website.

Verifying your site means every time someone pins something from your blog, your profile will be added to the pin. It also gives you access to analytics. Verify here.

Include a pin-able image.

In posts that I want to be pinned, or that I’m going to pin myself, I always add a vertical image which text that describes that post.

Pinterest shows vertical images much larger than horizontal ones! The standard size is 735 x 1102.

Re-pin other pins.

Don’t just pin things from your website, but re-pin useful pins from others to keep your followers interested, fill your boards and to prevent you spamming their feeds with just your content.

Pin consistently.

Pinning regularly is a great way to get your pins noticed. I use a website called Ahology to schedule pins. I can also re-pin previous pins to save time. You can also sign up for a free trail with a website like Boardbooster.

What are your top Pinterest tips?


  1. Good tips, I should pay more attention to Pinterest. I know it takes a little time at first and then it will be easier and easier.

  2. I love Pinterest! I get so much inspiration from there. It’s a shame there isn’t a free scheduling app to use like there is for Twitter x


  3. Great tips! I meant that so not, it is not just one of those generic comments. Personally, I love Pinterest. I think it is amazing, but maybe not for blog traffic, at least not in my case. I use it for inspiration and such, but also as a way of exploring my interests. I will definitely consider using it for the blog one way. Best of luck!

  4. As always a mind of information. I love the idea of Pinterest but I am rubbish at doing it and remembering to do it Lucy x

  5. I also have a hard time growing up in Pinterest fans, but I must confess that I have not been able to find out how to increase the fans in this network, these tips seem very successful and I hope to grow a little more this year.

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