The ultimate guide for growing your social media in 2017

I’ve published many blog posts about how to grow your social media following and engagement in the past. I wanted to put them together into…



I’ve published many blog posts about how to grow your social media following and engagement in the past.

I wanted to put them together into one post for a reference point so you can go through each one and make an action plan of how you’re going to reach your goals for 2017.


How to get Instagram followers.

Bloody Instagram. How is it I’m getting 30 followers a day but still end up with less than last week? Unfollowing on Instagram is a bigger problem than it is on Twitter, with many people using the follow/unfollow technique. The trick is to get the attention of people posting similar photos not by following them – but by Interacting with them. Not all will stick around, but more will once you’ve made a personal connection with them.

How to track views from Instagram using Google Analytics.

You can only put a link in your bio on Instagram – but how many people are clicking it? It’s a mystery. Unless you put a trackable link into your bio, which means you can see in Google Analytics how many people have clicked it!

How to get traffic to your blog from Twitter.

Twitter is so fast paced. Used correctly, you can get 100’s of views coming from Twitter every day. Once you try these tips, you’ll be wondering why you only promoted each blog post once.

How to schedule Tweets using Buffer.

When you realise how valuable Twitter is for blog promotion, you’re also going to realise it’s a pain in the ass to schedule Tweets. Unless you use Buffer, the app you can download on your phone and schedule on the go. On work breaks, on the bus, even on the toilet!

5 things you’re doing wrong on Twitter.

When you’re new to Twitter, it can be easy to fall into some bad habits. Either you’ve fallen onto some outdated advice online or you’re copying someone else who is doing it wrong. Don’t start bad habits that will get you a bad name in the community. Nobody wants to be known as the blogger that spams their blog links to everyone!

5 other things you shouldn’t do on Twitter.

There are more than 5 things you shouldn’t be doing on Twitter – check out these other tips!

15 ways to use Twitter for your blog.

Check out these 15 quick and easy ways to use Twitter for your blog.

I really hope you can take something from this post. Happy blogging in 2017!

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  1. I love how you have linked up all your helpful posts, I always turn to your blog when I need help. Right now I am trying so hard to focus on IG, but it is SO HARD!! The unfollowers are crazy! Drives me absolutely bonkers!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  2. Thanks for putting all these tips together! I’m going to read some of your previous posts x

    Jessica โ€” NinetyCoย 

  3. this was really helpful i want to grow my social media this year especially instagram so it works well with my blog x

  4. So helpful to have them all in one place! Love all the blogger tips posts that you do ๐Ÿ™‚ Tania Michele xx

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