New Year, New Wardrobe


One of the reasons I can never save money is because DRESSES.

When I’m bored or procrastinating, I like to go onto my favourite websites and look through what new styles they have in. I spend hours doing this, like I’ve just been doing now. I’ve recently found a new website called Love The Sales which brings you current sales from different online shops all together in an easy to search library from 500 of the UK’s biggest shops. It makes things easy when you want to bag a bargain but don’t want to end up with 100’s of tabs open from different websites. I usually browse through ASOS and House of Fraser, I’ve now added Love The Sales to my list of places to browse dresses even when I don’t have money.

Here are some new dresses I’ve been loving from the three sites below.


One // Two // Three
Four // Five // Six
Seven // Eight // Nine

Which is your favourite?


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