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What happened when I told my Mum about my blog

Some of you long time readers might remember a year or so ago I posted about why nobody in real life knows about my blog….


telling people you blog

Some of you long time readers might remember a year or so ago I posted about why nobody in real life knows about my blog.

At first, it was easy to keep my blog to myself, but as it became a bigger part of my life, it was harder to hide. Now most of my friends are bloggers, a lot of things I do are related to blogging and I have a permanent set up in my home for photos.

telling people you blog

I’ve gotten a bit more brave about telling people lately. I think a lot of that is to do with me being prouder of my blog than I was when I first started. I’ve improved the site a lot so it’s not as cringy as it was before!

Being nominated for awards, being invited to do talks in London, getting paid to blog and being sent free stuff are all pretty cool things and when people find out I blog – I find myself explaining that side to it as well. I guess that’s imposter syndrome and me trying to feel less of an imposter! Also – you should brag about your achievements because you work hard to get where you are so should tell people how well you’ve done. So there.

So my old work colleagues know, my friends that aren’t bloggers know, I told my sister-in-law, my boyfriend and his family know and I decided I should probably tell my Mum.

It was a scary thing to do. Not only because there’s a part of me that still finds blogging cringy, but I was worried she would me mad about me not telling her before.

I sent her a text when I was a bit drunk, basically telling her I’d be blogging for 4 years and sent her the URL.

Her response was ‘Ok well I don’t understand it, but make sure you still go outside and socialise’.

Hilarious. Especially because the reason I go outside and socialise is for blog events! It made me laugh that her biggest concern is that I’d lock myself up in my flat and never leave – which sounds like an ideal life to me.

So yeah, another example of how we build things up in our head and in reality it’s not that big of a deal.

Almost everyone I’ve told about blogging has just been like ‘Ok, that’s cool’ or ‘I don’t really get it’ and then left it.

Do your parents know you blog?

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  1. My mum knows of course, same as my friends. I’m an entrepreneur, so they know my career is slightly different. They don’t fully understand but my mum likes to visit. She doesn’t speak English but always compliments the pictures haha x

    Jessica β€” NinetyCoΒ 

  2. Aw bless her that’s so cute! I’ve still not really told anyone irl about my blog hah. Definite imposter syndrome here!

  3. Ahahaha Mums always have the funniest repsonses to blogging. When my mum found out I had been invited someplace as a restaurant reviewer she said “but what happens when they find out you’re not?” like she was concerned I had been telling people I was the official reviewer for the Times or something. Haha.

  4. Lol your mom’s response is funny. My mom knows I blog too but thank goodness she donesn’t know how to speak internet and doesn’t know what my blog is. Idk, i still have a hard time sharing my blog to my family and friends in real life. WEll, only a few of them knows. When they know, they’ll know though. Little by little, cos I want to be successful in blogging, and that means more audience and more chance for them to find out.

  5. My family don’t know I blog because I don’t really talk to them, but my friends do. At first I was absolutely horrified as all of those who know managed to stumble upon it by accident. I went through and deleted all the old embarassing posts and then had to just move on with my life!

  6. Tell her more, I imagine she will understand better after she will see why you started blogging and why you are still doing it after all these years.

  7. Awww, your mum is funny. I told my parents straight away, they didn’t really care but sometimes I have to be careful what I say on my blog as my mum reads it and she doesn’t know everything about me! x

  8. I think it’s a difference in culture, but here, if you’re a blogger, people usually think it’s woah, amazing and cool. I am actually proud every time people find out I blog and I made them impressed. I do not normally flaunt it, but I do not hide it either.

    My mom doesn’t know because she’s not techie and it’s not easy explaining what a blog is. She only connects online for Facebook and YouTube and she can barely navigate through those. I don’t think it’s a big deal though, she’s pretty lenient as long as I remain as a functional member of the society. Haha.

    – Gretch of GGMemochou

  9. My parents and most people in real life do know about my blog now although I still cringe if people want to chat about it haha! Funny how usually it’s built up in your head as being such a big deal and then people are just like ‘OK’ haha
    Amy xx

  10. LOL… only a mother! When I told mine I *might* start a blog she thought I would write about politics/celebrities (!) and get sued. I promised her I wasn’t Ian Hislop. Who’s Ian Hislop? she asked because she’s only spent 40 years in this country without having heard of Private Eye!!!! So I said I’d stick to clothes/travel and now I’ve promised never to go to Africa.

  11. Love this post! As a new-ish blogger ( I have had my blog for 5 years!! fell out of the way of it and only recently got back to it) I find it very scary telling people about it, it’s just so cringey!

    Rachael xx.

  12. My grandad found my blog first, out of all people! My mum was like ‘So you take photos of yourself in your room and post them online for strangers on the internet to see?’ Not quite how I’d word it but I guess she’s right haha! I think your mum is probably very proud of your blog! x

    Sick Chick Chic

  13. My mum is my biggest blog fan! haha! I’ve told her about it from the beginning, I’ve spoken with her and my Dad about it. My Dad was great to talk to about security – and for a while my blog was just headless photos, until I built up my comfort level. My mum’s always telling people about my blog and has passed it onto teachers who have used it in lessons to teach kids about online behaviour/security which was an interesting use to hear about for my blog!

    I’m so glad your mum is supportive – that’s the best thing when you have people you can chat to about your hobby πŸ™‚

  14. I think currently my Mum (and other family) are the only ones who read my little blog! It’s mainly travel related though so it’s a great way to keep them updated on what I’m doing and my future plans. Luckily they’re very supportive- even when I’m writing about stupid/dangerous situations I’ve been in!

  15. Nope I would never tell my parents about my blog. Lets just say they have a hard head and wouldnt understand what its about haha. But some of my friends know which is pretty cool! πŸ™‚

  16. I never told my mom about it, but she casually dropped it into conversation one day that she knew I did. I guess someone else must have mentioned it to her, but I kept it secret from nearly everyone for ages! She didn’t really understand what it meant, but she likes reading it these days. x

  17. I haven’t told my Mum about our blog yet so I found this post really interesting and relatable. Carys’ Mum (my Aunt) knows however I have been holding back telling my Mum. I am also worried about it being cringey but you are so right we should be proud of what we have achieved with our blogs. I didn’t think for one minute people would take the time to read our posts but they do which is AMAZING! I am hoping to tell her soon, maybe!


  18. i remember the day i stumbled upon your blog from that site 50sb and fell absolutely head over heart in crazy like with your wit and humour!! it has been a true joy to see skinnedcartree grow and grow. congratulations on everything you’ve achieved and onwards to more, more and more! πŸ˜€ really proud of you, c. i was a fan then, i still am one now and i have a funny feeling i always will be.

    happy 2017, bub. (i’m only 14 days late! hah!) x

  19. Your mums response is hilarious that is the sort of gem that my mum would come out with. Good job on being braver and sharing. You should be very proud of your sites Lucy x

  20. Sadly, all of my parents (natural and adoptive) have passed away – but I doubt they would have appreciated me modelling and reviewing womens’ blouses and panties on my blog and on YouTube. There are only a few people who have met me in real life who have also read my blog or visited my YouTube – though I realise that could change very quickly. Kudos to you for going out to socialise with other bloggers at blog events – I have yet to do that.

  21. My Mum knows and doesn’t get it at all! My Dad knows and is usually my OOTD photographer or helper with holiday pictures, so he’s the help I need when it’s all going wrong! And my Sister has known since day one as she’s the one who helped with all the content back when I started! Wasn’t as scary to me as I thought it would be πŸ™‚ Tania Michele xx

  22. My mum does know as I showed her a post I’don’t written about her.
    I’ve always been shy about telling people I blog due to feeling insecure about my blog not being very good.
    I have a colleague at work who blogs too so we often talk together about our blogs.
    Mainly it is just my husband, sister, mum and that one coworker who know. I do like to keep it quiet-ish.

  23. I’ve been open from the beginning with my Mum, but I think that’s partly because we’re very close. Other than that only my boyfriend and a few relatives know about it, I just never made a big deal about it x

  24. Oh! that’s so cute. I have told couple of my friends and people, and I told my mum as well. But most of them just “know” what I am up to but don’t really visit my blogs.

  25. this was such a cute read! it actually inspired me to write about who I tell that I vlog in my real life!

  26. Make sure you still go out and socialise haha. I love that response! My mum has known from the beginning, she proof read a few of my earlier posts when I first started working with brands!

  27. haha! i only told my mum last summer as well, and i don’t think she really understood either. i don’t think she reads my blog, but sometimes when i take photos she’ll ask if they’re for the blog, which is funny. and i feel a bit like you that all my old posts are a bit cringey and they’re the ones i wouldn’t want people irl to read but at the same time i really don’t care, haha! xx

  28. I think word is trickling out slowly that I’ve started blogging, my daughters are cool with it (they are age 27 and 24) so it’s pretty normal to them …….however my Dad is 90 this year and he wouldn’t have a clue, a bit like my ex, perhaps that’s why he’ ex!!

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