Glossybox January 2017

The first Glossybox of 2017 has just landed on my doorstep. Well, by that I mean I got a red slip of doom from Royal…


Glossybox January 2017

The first Glossybox of 2017 has just landed on my doorstep. Well, by that I mean I got a red slip of doom from Royal Mail and had to go and wait 10 minutes to be served because they can’t seem to man the desk properly despite the fact they’re only open in the mornings.


Let’s go.

January Glossybox 2017

Glossybox January 2017

Glossybox January 2017

Glossybox January 2017

Hairon Zero Crease Hair Tie

These hair ties are perfect for protecting your hair from getting damaged. They don’t snag or pull and you can just wear them as a bracelet when not in use. I’ve has these before and never used them.


Glossybox January 2017

Unani Illuminate Milk Cleanser

This is a general cleansing milk that has nutritious natural oils in to protect your skin. It removes impurities and makeup and leaves your skin feeling soft.


Glossybox January 2017

Vitamaques Manuka Honey Face Mask.

I keep saying I need to get into a routine of doing face masks. I have loads piled up but I never get around to them. I must change that in 2017. This is a Korean mask that has extracts of manuka honey and it uses Korean triple sheet technology which sounds made up but okay, let’s go with it.


Glossybox January 2017

Glossybox January 2017TheBalm Meet Matt(e) Trimony Single Eyeshadow

TheBalm always has great packaging, although I wasn’t a fan of the nude palette I have from them as it wasn’t very pigmented. Let’s see if this can change my mind.

£34 for palette

Glossybox January 2017

Nip-Fab Kale Fix Moisturiser

This contains the superfoods kale, watercress, and almond oil to enrich skin and protect against external aggressors. It also has concentrated aloe vera and shea butter to soothe and smooth skin.

This box wasn’t too bad. No products jumped out at me as a YES I LOVE THIS. But I’ll use most products apart from the hair ties, I think. So that’s not  bad going!

What are your thoughts on this months box?



  1. I was curious about those hair ties. :)) The box looks good, nothing amazing in my mind. Hopefully the products will be great for everyday use.

  2. A good mix of products in this box, I love Nip and Fab products and the hair bobbles are a great way to protect your hair. I always have a permanent dent in my locks from always scrapping it back Lucy x

  3. The Kale Fix moisturizer is amazing! I love it and will definitely repurchase in the future but other than that, nothing else really excites me about this box.

  4. But if you can’t milk an almond where does the almond milk come from???

    I really want to try the hair ties, I switched to yogi ties a while back and they’ve made a huge difference, but I hear these ones are better again

    Sarah 🙂

  5. Red slip of doom from Royal Mail – that really made me giggle! I quite like the sounds of the moisturiser but I’m not sure about the others x

  6. Well that doesn’t sound too bad! You were mainly satisfied! I always get a giggle from your glossybox annihilation!x

  7. oo this box looks much better than previous ones. Still, happy I did not order it. I am taking a very long break from glossy box, maybe with the exception of their limited edition boxes. hope you enjoy the products!

    do you not like the hair ties in general? I had some from a previous glossy box for a while and did not use them, but I gave in and now I love them

  8. I’ve never even heard of that zero crease hair tie, but it sounds pretty cool. I’d definitely use that. The rest of the stuff in the box? Probably not. But it doesn’t seem like a bad box compared to some!

  9. I just picked up another Nip and Fab moisturizer yesterday – not this one. I am definitely going to check this one out if I like the one I got. Sounds…wholesome!

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