2016 favourite blog posts

My favourite blog posts from 2016

2016 favourite blog posts

I’m thinking about quitting being vegetarian.

Back in March I was considering stopping being a vegetarian. Being  vegetarian was never something I intended on doing for a long time, so after a few things that made me feel a bit awkward, I consider edstopping. I love that post because it started up some great conversation in the post and on social media.

In the end I carried on being a vegetarian as I couldn’t make my mind up. Around November I was getting the same feeling and mid December, when I was sure, I started eating meat again.

It’s not the community, it’s you.

Whenever there’s a drama or something shifts in the blogging community, there seems to be an outcry of people stating that the community has changed and it’s not what it used to be. In this post, I wanted to address that.

My most popular posts of 2016 and what I’ve learnt from them.

I love a good learning curve and analysing data, so in this post I went through my most popular posts by page views in 2016 to see what learnings I could take through to 2017.

Why I still love blogging after 4 years.

4 years. I never thought I’d still be blogging after 4 years. I still love it.

Should you respond to trolls on social media?

It’s generally advised to ignore trolls and bullies online, which I agreed with. Until someone publicly accused me of bullying on Twitter.

How it feels to be shortlisted for an award.

In the summer I was shocked to find out I was shortlisted for two awards at the Bloggers Blog Awards. I was in shock. I knew I had a chance at being shortlisted but the awards were so much bigger than the 2015 ones, so to be shortlisted for two just brought me to instant tears!

It’s moving day – my new flat!

One of the biggest changes for me in 2016 was when I left my housemate and got my own flat. I don’t regret it at all. I love having my own flat and own space, so that posts has to be in there!

What were your favourite posts of 2016?


1. noun: a female blogger that writes about her own experiences, observations and opinions. 2. verb: to act like a complete idiot or to do something stupid. e.g: She did a Corinne.


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