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What to buy a man for Valentines Day.

  With Valentine’s Day less than two weeks to go, it’s time to get organised rather than leave getting the man in your life something last…



With Valentine’s Day less than two weeks to go, it’s time to get organised rather than leave getting the man in your life something last minute.

valentines gifts for him

As it’s the first Valentine’s Day I’m spending with my boyfriend so I’ve been thinking about what to get for a while. It’s very exciting and nice to know I won’t be crying into a wine glass about my single life on the 14th this year. Go me.

You all know by now that I have some favourite websites I always go too, so I’ve been browsing the gift section of House Of Fraser and John Lewis. How typical of me. Here are some of the things I think are perfect for a Valentine’s gift:


what shall i buy him for valentines day

One // Two // Three
Four // Five
Six // Seven // Eight

My favourites have to be the Chelsea boots, the whisky decanter and the statue of yoga. I had about a million whisky decanters tabs before I settled on just the one! Next time I’m thinking of getting a experience rather than a gift, I was thinking either supercar rental for the weekend or a holiday.

What are you getting the man in your life?



  1. Thankfully for me this year, there will be no ‘what do I buy?’ since I won’t be celebrating 😉 x

    Jessica — NinetyCo 

  2. These are great ideas. My husband isn’t the easiest to buy for. But, I end up finding something, usually an antique box or game. x

  3. We don’t buy gifts for V day, only cards and a special meal. We both would rather do something together, like an experience and not buy some stuff that we might not need.

  4. Such good gift ideas 🙂 I really struggle with what to get my hubby, even after 7 years together I still find it so difficult!

    Rachael xx.

  5. It’ll probably be some sort of voucher deal that I end up getting my boyfriend – a wee restaurant deal or overnighter. With any luck he won’t buy me the exact same deal . . . it HAS happened before! 🙂

  6. I’ll probably get him a card from me and my son along with some of his favorite desserts/candies! If anything it will be something on the smaller side but stuff I know he likes! The Handbook you talked about caught my eye…

  7. Love the decanter and the Yoda statue, they’re fabulous! We haven’t really exchanged gifts since our first Valentines day, we tend to just go for a nice meal either the week before or the week after! One thing I do like getting is a card and I literally have to fight for it because he thinks Valentines is pointless! If I had my way I’d be decorating for it and everything!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

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