Blog Statistics and Income report for 2016

Some of you may remember that last year I started doing stat and income reports every month. I did 5 months worth before I decided…


Blog Statistics and Income report for 2016

Some of you may remember that last year I started doing stat and income reports every month. I did 5 months worth before I decided to stop. Mostly because they were getting very similar so I didn’t feel a need to post them monthly anymore.

Someone then Tweeted me and asked me to do an annual one. Seeing as I knew what my stats were at the start of January 2016, I thought it would make for an interesting post.

You can see the monthly blog income and stat reports below:

I know caring about page views and stats can be often frowned upon in the blogging community, but for me, it’s a very factual and data based way of seeing growth. You can use measures such as your writing and photography improving, but those things can be very subjective and more of an opinion than a fact that can be backed up with data. I don’t always care so much about my statistics. The past few months I’ve hardly cared at all because I’ve been too busy. But you can read more about those subjects in the following posts:

But I don’t want to focus that much on the why’s and how’s here. Let’s take a look at how I grew in 2016.

Blog Statistics and Income report for 2016


January 1st 2016: 4438
January 1st 2017: 10921

That’s a gain of 6482 followers in 2016. That’s not bad at all! I slacked at the end of the year though and do need to work on my engagement in 2017.


January 1st 2016: 2055
January 1st 2017: 6309

That’s a gain of 4254. Again, that’s not bad at all. The thing with Instagram is that it’s even more fickle than Twitter. If you stop engaging and posting, people will unfollow. I find the trick to Instagram growth is to gain followers faster than how many people are unfollowing. Because people will always unfollow. Dicks.

I’m sure most of you reading have had companies follow you on Instagram, people selling Younique or weight loss supplements – these are generally the accounts that will unfollow shortly after.

I really wasn’t happy with Instagram. Over the past few months, I’ve not enjoyed scrolling through my feed as much so over Christmas I unfollowed lots of accounts. I went from following 1600 to 700 accounts and now when I go through Instagram, I see the pictures I want to see. I’m going to work on engagement on these accounts and enjoy Instagram again!


January 1st 2016: 1259
January 1st 2017: 3741

That’s a growth of 2482. Again, I’ve not been on the ball as much with Pinterest at the end of the year. I grew most in the first few months of 2016 and kind of coasted along only scheduling Pins every few weeks. Not good!


January 1st 2016: 2,441
January 1st 2017: 3885

That’s a gain of 1444. Pretty good for Bloglovin as I find grow on this platform is the hardest unless you put a lot of effort in!



Blog Statistics and Income report for 2016


Blog Statistics and Income report for 2016

Then compare the two:

Blog Statistics and Income report for 2016

So in 2016, I had twice as many users, twice as many sessions and 70% more page views! I’ve averaged 15k per month. I’d love to see that go up to 20k in 2017!

Traffic Sources:


Blog Statistics and Income report for 2016

Blog Statistics and Income report for 2016

Twitter and Google was my biggest source of traffic in 2016. It’s good to see Stumble make an entry, too!


January: £160
February: £323.45
March: £236.86
April: £412.45
May: £270
July: £61.77
August: £190
September: £135
October: £396.34
November: £341.34
December: £700

Total: 3224.21

How did you do in 2016?


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  1. I managed to increase my Instagram and Pinterest followers, but that is about it. However, I am incredibly happy with my progress. Your results on the other hand, are truly astounding. Good job! You totally deserve the growth you experienced as you always put a lot of effort in coming up with new and engaging content. Hope you will manage to grow even further in 2017!

  2. This is super interesting!! You did very well, I will have to look into this more. Fantastic. Happy New Year lovely x

  3. You did great last year! Congratulations! You are right, I have a few companies follow me, for me, as I post food pictures half of the time, I get the odd restaurants from New York that serve a lot of meat (from their pictures) because nothing is more appealing for a vegetarian from UK than that, isn’t it? :))

  4. Wow your page views are incredible!! So is your twitter and instagram feed, such good growth! I really pushed Bloglovin’ in 2016 and went from 100-1040 which I was really happy with – you are right – it is the hardest to grow! This year I will be working on Instagram though, I am so determind to get to 10K, it will take a while though being on 2.5 at the moment!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  5. You look like you’ve made a massive increase. I’m trying hard to work on my Instagram this year. Since I changed my blog layout, I’ve noticed a massive increase in visitors.

  6. You’ve made a ton of progressing. Yes Instagram is such a struggle for me because of how fickle people are. I guess that’s the downside of being on a visual platform.

    You’ve given me the inspiration to try really hard to grow all my platforms this year.

  7. You did fabulously well, Corinne! I did finally make some money last year but it’s like $100 once every two to three months. It’s nothing but definitely better than I ever did before.

  8. Your growth over the last year has been amazing and nothing short of inspirational! WOOP congrats! I see this and think I should really start keeping track of the numbers! It’s really interesting to look back on!

    Sarah 🙂

  9. This post has inspired me to write one of my own similar – I think it helps me to write down some exact numbers to keep track of and publishing them will make me accountable! I’ve got my post scheduled with my figures for later in the week with a link back to you as inspiration 🙂

  10. Congratulations! I did enjoy these posts when you did them before. I wish I knew why bloglovin was such a butt to increase following on.

  11. I really need to work on my instagram over this year, it was my slowest social platform! And wow, you knocked it out the park with the income over the year! 🙂

  12. You’ve done reaslly well growing all of your platforms. That’s incredible! I find growing very difficult, but I can see the growth to be bigger when I engage more. I guess it’s all about time and effort spent on each platform?

    I haven’t made money, but I’ve been invited to two events in 2016 and got some free food, so I’m happy to know there are people reading my ramblings ☺

    Keep up the good work and I hope you see continuous success because your posts are really great. Love the tone and the down to earth attitude so many are missing ☺

    Maya |

  13. I don’t get why this stuff is frowned upon. What’s wrong with wanting to see your blog grow? Anyway, well done! I’d like to do posts like these to see how my blog is getting along.

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