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New Year Blog Audit

New year, new you. More like new year, new blog for most of us. The blogosphere is full of posts about goals for blogging, health…


blog audit

New year, new you. More like new year, new blog for most of us.

The blogosphere is full of posts about goals for blogging, health and well-being.

One thing I like to do every year is audit my blogs. I’m going to go through a checklist now on what I look at during these audits so you can do it too.


Check your pages.

I have 3 pages on my blog, my PR page, my about section and my resource page. The rest are just links and tags.


It’s important to go through each page to see if anything has changed. Here are the things I look out for:

PR Page:

  • Do I need more up to date images?
  • Has the way I work with brands changed?
  • Are my stats up to date?

I updated my stats as they hadn’t been updated since October 2016. I also put a disclosure in my PR page about not working for free.

About Page:

  • Is my age correct?
  • Have my interests changed?
  • Do images need updating?

According to my blog, I am 29 still and have my old job! Oops!

Resource Page:

This is something I need to come back to so will put in my action plan. It needs updating with my newer posts.

Check Your Sidebar.

Is there anything in your sidebar that you need to take out? Remember to keep your sidebar slick and don’t put lots of badges in there saying you’re part of blogger programs etc. They’re pointless and only benefit the company.

Check Your Social Media.

Make sure your links on your blog actually work. I had one of mine broken for ages until someone pointed it out!

Then consider if there’s something that needs changing in any – matching profile pictures, bios and headers maybe? Do they all link back to your blog? Is your purpose clear?

Know what works for you.

Look at your most popular posts and see what you can learn from them. Is it work doing similar ones again, or a series out of a post your readers really loved?

Take a note of the length (oh aye), photography, layout and topic. Have a read through the comments to see your reader’s thoughts.

Also, do this for posts that didn’t gain as much traction as you had hoped. What went wrong?

The Back End Stuff.

Check the following:

  • Do you have broken links?
  • Are your plugins updated?
  • Do you need to uninstall plugins and themes you don’t use?
  • Do you have a 404 page? (Mine redirects to my resource page)

Doing this once a year, or even once a month, only takes a few minutes and it’s a great way to ensure you are up to date!

If you want to get into more of the nitty-gritty, check out my two blog courses below:


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  1. I want to update the about me page, but after reading your post, I think I should also check the other pages too.

  2. Literally just checked my about me page and my age is wrong! Makes me kind of sad because I’m getting older and older hahaa xx

  3. All great tips I so need to do a refresh I just need more hours in the day, oh and a child that sleeps would help. I hope you had a lovely Christmas and wishing you a great 2017 Lucy x

  4. Great post Corinne. Happy New Year! It amazing how easy it is to forget all these bits and get into bad habits 🙂 xx

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