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What would you miss? #IWouldMiss

Christmas can often be a time were we’re excited to get new things. Although spending time with family and Christmas dinner can be highlights, there’s…



Christmas can often be a time were we’re excited to get new things. Although spending time with family and Christmas dinner can be highlights, there’s also that more shallow side of Christmas. Presents. recently challenged me to answer the following question:

What couldn’t you live without if you moved to the middle of nowhere?


Initially, I wanted to say the Internet. Which is true, I guess. You can do anything on the internet – talk to your friends, Facebook message your family, order things online and get them to bring you to your middle of no where.

Then I started thinking a bit more in depth about it. My boyfriend lives in the middle of nowhere so I have a bit of an experienced perspective on this.


Supermarkets: It’s not until you have to drive over half an hour to the nearest shop – never mind supermarket – that you’ll miss the convenience of being able to nip down the shop for a bottle of wine and loaf of bread. Everything has to be planned and it can feel like a full afternoon wasted just getting to the supermarket!

Takeaways: If you’re lucky like me and live in a city, chances are you can use apps like Hungry House or Just Eat to order takeaways. But if you’re living in the middle of nowhere then there’s no chance of getting them to deliver to you. Your best bet is to order over the phone and drive yourself to pick up, or just eat in. Boo, but I don’t want to get out of my giraffe onsie or brush my hair!

A good old piss-up: Want to go out to Leeds or York and get pissed with your friends? If you live in the middle of nowhere, then that cuts that plan in half. It takes us about 40 minutes to walk to the nearest pub. Uber doesn’t exist here so a piss up is out of the question. When we want to venture out, one of us has to be the designated driver. Boo!

A Car: All the above things would be made even more impossible without a car – so this is a must have. I don’t think I’d even be able to cope living in the city without one!

iwouldmiss-3 iwouldmiss-4

So I think while I would miss the internet, a car would be a strong second place!

What would you miss?



  1. I think this is why I’m so spoilt living right in the centre of the city! I have everything and anything literally on my doorstep and I dread the day this isn’t the case. I can walk everywhere; supermarket, pub, work, and I can get nearly every restaurant in town to deliver to me…convinience, that’s what I’d miss the most, then again it might me work a little harder for stuff so I guess that wouldn’t be a totally bad thing!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  2. I’ll miss Supermarket and takeaway for sure but not the internet. I could always call my eldest son and my family on the phone so having internet is low on my list which is ironic since I’m a blogger. LOL!

  3. Not sure if that was the point of the post or if i should end up in this realization but oh my,i would miss way too much things haha I didn’t think about it a lot as i start reading the post but then i realize that yep,i just can’t live in the middle of nowhere or out of the city!I remember the summer we went to visit relatives in a small village and i was totally out of my waters,no internet for a about a week,no transportation,no tv,not much warm water

  4. There aren’t many things I would miss as I’m able to live with very little, however I would definitely miss my hair straighteners!

  5. I would miss the Internet as well! If there’s one, though, then I would miss the restaurants in the city. Food is life! lol

  6. Interesting, having had a baby and my life changing over the last year the things you think you would miss and the reality actually are very different. Going out in the evening I thought I would miss but it turns out not so much. I would miss the internet and food. Have a fab Christmas Lucy x

  7. If I had my husband and my dog, it’s not much I would miss in the beginning. Of course, the car would be the first thing I would miss. But, who knows? 🙂

  8. Now that I can finally drive and have a car, it would definitely be the car I’d miss most. It’s only been three months but it’s amazing how my blood runs cold and I feel panicked thinking I might be without my car!! I grew up in the middle of nowhere – it would take me an hour drive to get to school, and a 45 min bus ride to meet up with friends – so I kinda know what it is like already!

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