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How successful women inspire us

The world is changing quickly, with that are the traditional roles of men and women. Back in the day when my parents were young, it…



The world is changing quickly, with that are the traditional roles of men and women. Back in the day when my parents were young, it was common to get married early, have children and the woman to stay home to raise them while Dad goes out to work.

Many have fought for so that women like us have more choice in what we do. While if you want to be a stay at home mum and raise your children you can, we live in a society that doesn’t pressure you into doing that. Want to go to university? You can. Want to start a business? You can. Want to work your way up the ladder to be the top of a company? You can. 

Some studies in recent years have even shown women are surpassing men at university and in business. We’re more ambitious and determined.

I think as bloggers, we see a lot of ambitious women doing well and earning their income via blogs or other services, such as writing, design and photography. It’s the dream, isn’t it? To be free of a boss, to be able to make up your own hours and do as you please?

Of course, we know it’s not as simple as that. Lack of security, no holiday pay and a varying salary can be a concern, but it can be worth it.

Caroline and her sister are the creative director and sales director of Skipton Properties. A company local to me that uses local materials to keep local businesses up and running during builds – which I think is a lovely touch.

Here’s what Caroline has to say about being a successful woman in business:

I wouldn’t be where I am without my father, who started our business back in 1986. Some may assume it’s easy to fall back on a family business, however working with your family comes with its own trials and tribulations. It’s not about the glass ceiling, it’s the feeling that you must prove to everyone you’re capable when you smash through it, not because you’re a woman but because you’re a daughter. It takes the same patience and hard work to work for your family as it does in any job – my advice would therefore be to never give up, listen and learn from your peers as much as you can, find a mentor (my sister has been mine) and do not worry if you lose your way…I didn’t find what I loved until the age of 28!

I find stories like this inspiring. It’s not only reassuring to see that women can do it, but that it’s okay to not know what you want to do as soon as you leave school.

There are some amazing stories of successful women out there, but my favourite has to be that of iJustine. After reading her book last year I started to admire the women. You assume YouTubers have it easy, but seeing the years before their success can really change that. It’s not all glam parties and free drinks. It’s years of just making enough to live but carrying on because you really want something. It’s determination and never giving up when things aren’t easy.

What powerful women do you look up to?



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  1. My biggest inspiration is my mum, very stereotypical, but she’s amazing. She had me at 21 and had no GCSEs and worked in a shoe factory. Not like that’s a bad thing it’s just not what she wanted to do. So when I started middle school, she taught me how to be more independent, get myself home from school, make breakfast and do my own laundry. This was all because she decided to go back to night school to get her GCSEs to go to university. She trained to be a nurse all while looking after me too. Now I’m 26 and she’s the manager of a Nursing Home as a Nurse. Although I had my dad around too, it’s my mum that kept the family afloat and did everything! She’s taught me that you can do anything at any age! She’s the best!

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