#socialbloggers 132 // The Run Up To Christmas

6 days to until the most wonderful time of the year. I love Christmas and the build up. Although I feel it’s been sadly overcast…



6 days to until the most wonderful time of the year. I love Christmas and the build up. Although I feel it’s been sadly overcast this year by suffering from vertigo. After almost two weeks off work, I’m feeling a bit left out of the festivities. As I work in retail, Christmas is a month long event for us. We usually spend all of December in jumpers, doing quick 5-minute team games to keep morale high and have Christmas songs playing.

I’d be lying if I said wasn’t sad about missing out on it all.

I’ve already done a post about how I usually celebrate Christmas. I have done my Christmas shopping and now I’m waiting for a few things to be delivered then I can relax about it all. I finish work at 4 pm on Christmas eve and then I’m done for three days. Three days off. I’m very jealous of those of you that get a longer break over Christmas!

What’s your week looking like?


Q1: What are your plans for the rest of this week? #socialbloggers

Q2: Do you still have gifts to buy? #socialbloggers

Q3: What Christmas traditions do you have? #socialbloggers

Q4: Will you be blogging over Christmas? #socialbloggers

Q5: What are you looking forward to the most about Christmas? #socialbloggers



  1. I can’t wait to blog about the Christmas gifts, mostly because I can’t wait to see them. :)) Love this post, very interesting answers.

  2. I’m working part time in retail now, in the beauty department and holy cow, it’s freaking busy. I honestly cab’t wait till December is over and maybe my poor feet will get some rest.

  3. This is probably the one time of year that I really don’t miss working in retail! I remeber two customers trying to smash each others trolleys up over what they thought was the last bag of brussel sprouts! The chaos was mildly entertaining!

    Sarah 🙂

  4. When I was young I did not enjoy Christmas much, it was a time when I was very nostalgic over the years I’ve been overcoming that sadness, now it causes me a little stress because I take care of the Christmas dinner hahahaha on the Christmas Eve even I feel a little distress is a strange day, different but when the night comes I think I’m going through those symptoms.

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