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Glossybox December 2016 // The case of the Glossybox missing item

I was excited when my December Glossybox arrived. Only to be faced with a tinge of disappointment when one of my products was missing. I’ve…


I was excited when my December Glossybox arrived. Only to be faced with a tinge of disappointment when one of my products was missing. I’ve never had a Glossybox missing item before. I’ve e-mailed them and hopefully, they’ll send one out separately. Boo.

Glossybox December 2016

December Glossybox 2016

Glossybox December 2016 revlon nail enamel

Revlon Nail Enamel in Valentine // £6.49

I love this colour. I have an Essie one in a similar colour that is permanently on my toes. All I need is a red glitter now to accent one nail. This makes for the perfect Christmas nail look.

This can apparently last for 10 days without chipping. I’m pretty much willing to bet my firstborn that it won’t. I shall put it to the test.

Glossybox December 2016 essence highlighter

Essence Light Up Your Face Luminizer Palette // £3

I love this, it’s a trio of highlighters to apply to your cheeks, nose and above the lips. Each highlight has a different intensity of highlighter so you can go from a light glow to an intense night look.

Glossybox December 2016 lipcote

Lipcote // £3.99

This is a 70-year-old cult classic is perfect for the holiday season where you’ll be sure to find yourself at a Christmas party or meal – keep your lipstick on by sealing it with this top coat.

Glossybox December 2016 mdmflow lipstick

MDMflow Semi-matte Lipstick in Vamp // £18

Woah, talk about intense. I love this colour. Although it’s a bit darker than I usually go for, it might be time to step out of my comfort zone with this rich plum shade.

Glossybox December 2016 missing item

Collection Cosmetics Define & Perfect Eyebrow Powder // £4.19

This is the thing that was Glossybox missing item. An eyebrow powder stick. It’s got tiny fibres to add volume to the eyebrows.

I guess if I’m honest, if there was one item to be missing, I’m glad it’s this one. I just don’t get the eyebrow obsession and have no interest in making mine darker or thicker.

Glossybox December 2016 glossybox missing item

This was a fantastic box, just a pity about the missing item. I’ll probably use everything in it which is a rare statement from me!

What do you think of the December Glossybox? Have you ever had a Glossybox missing item before?

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  1. Well that missing item is annoying! But that lipstick is so pretty, perfect for this time of the year! Have a lovely weekend 🙂

  2. I’m just not swayed by Glossybox anymore! The nail varnish and the Lipcote look good, probably the only thing’s I’d use! Glad you’ll get full use out of the box though, the doesn’t happen very often! And hopefully the missing item turns up, you never know it my turn out to be your favourite!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  3. I love the lipstick and the nail polish. Do tell if it lasts for 10 days. I have yet to see one doing that. Anyway, the colour is stunning. I really like what you got this month. Hopefully you’ll get the missing item as well.

  4. I also bet that it won’t last 10 days as well 🙂 They always make big claims and it never happens… But it is such a pretty colour and pairing it with Vamp could be the perfect duo for this time of year! x

  5. This is not a bad box at all (as long as the missing item turns up! I had to give up my beauty boxes forever ago cos I wasn’t using half the stuff in them, but this all looks handy and useable!

  6. I have finally found a nail polish that lasts 10 days! The Sally Hansen gel one! You have to use the gel nail polish (but use it like any other normal nail polish) and top it off the top coat they give along with it. Its great. I have also ended up using the gel top coat with normal nail polishes and its definitely a better result. (note: I do not wash dishes myself – I use a dishwasher so if you do maybe it won’t actually last all 10 days.)

  7. Bummer about the missing item but at least it wasn’t one you’d miss much and everything else you received were winners.

  8. I hate it when that happens, missing a product in a beauty subscription but usually companies are quite good with sending you the missing item. Hopefully you’ll get it soon.

  9. I’ve had missing items from Ipsy a handful of times too. This does seem like a good box, and I love that nail polish 🙂

  10. Thank you! I don’t get the eyebrow thing either and I got the brow gel instead of the lipstick sealer :(( That is one product I was actually looking forward to try. Will definitely need to go buy one somewhere, especially with the holidays coming up. I really want to try and wear my red Kat von D lipgloss, but too worried the colour smudging.

    I am glad that you loved your box, personally I did not like mine as much. However, it was a great improvement over November’s box and the design is gorgeous.

  11. I am in the States and my Glossybox has quite different products than your UK..but we unfortunately have the same problem..I’m missing an item as well, my MDMflow lipstick! I wish I could post the color. It’s called “Bossy” and it’s actually really beautiful..a creamy taupe/pinkish/beige color. Normally I never wear any lipstick I receive in any of my boxes and give them to my daughter or my friends.
    It’s is described as, ” Reflecting street style that’s been inspired by hip-hop superstar Kelis, this highly pigmented semi-matte lipstick is formulated with hydrating ingredients that stop lips from drying out “.
    I also received a full size bottle of Harajuku Lovers “Pop Electric” way de parfum spray in Baby..a really nice light powdery scent in a beautiful’s worth googling to see it..they sent out 5 different versions of this and the bottle in silver chrome! It’s valued at only 25$ which seems very very low..
    the other items are…
    -Luxie Beauty onyx noir sm tapered blending brush #231
    -MeMeMe Beat The Blues skin illuminator 0.41 oz.
    -LaRoche-Posay Toleriane foaming cream cleanser 2 tiny 0.1 fl oz tubes

    And there you have it!
    Overall I think I like the majority of the items..I’m going to call and email tomorrow regarding the missing lipstick..

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