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My Christmas Wishlist as a 90’s child

Do you remember Christmas as a child? Oh the adverts on Cartoon Network and CITV were ALL about toys. I would sit there watching TV…


childhood christmas toy list 90's

Do you remember Christmas as a child? Oh the adverts on Cartoon Network and CITV were ALL about toys.

I would sit there watching TV and say ‘I want that’ at basically every single toy on there. My older brothers would call me a brat. I guess I was.

My best friend and I would go through the Argos, Index and Kays catalogue and write down the order number and price for everything we wanted.

Those lists were long, ha. Talk about having high expectations! I can’t remember if we gave the list to our parents. I hope not. Sorry Mum if I did!

childhood christmas toy list 90's

Skip it // Barbie Camper Van // Game Boy
Post Office // Sega Mega Drive // Spirograph

I remember the skip it things, we used to play with them all the time during the summer. I remember being jealous because my best friend had one that counted a number of times you skipped with it and I had this really light and cheap plastic one that hardly had enough weight to skip with.

I was mad for Barbie! I played with them up until I was about 11. Yes, eleven. I just loved them so much. I got a Camper Van one year and both loved and hated it. I played with it a lot but the bits were so fiddly. All those tiny plates, pot and pans. I remember trying to balance everything out and getting so mad and throwing the damn thing. TABLE FLIP ARGH. (?°?°)?? ???

This was probably the most used Christmas present I ever had. I loved my yellow game boy and had so many games for it. I loved Mario World 2 and the Donkey Kong games the most. My friend and I would swap games and sit in silence for hours playing. I even had one of those magnifying glass things with lights on so you could play it in the dark so I could play in the car.

My best friend had a folding office and I was so jealous, I wanted one for myself. Santa got me the Post Office version. It was so cool! It had stamps and the yellow plastic flaps were engraved, so you could put a piece of paper over them and make money with a crayon! It folded up into a carry case.

I got my Sega Mega Drive when I was about 11, I think. I begged and begged for it. I remember when I got this I felt so lucky because I also got lots of other big presents that year. I lucked out for sure. Street Fighter and Sonic were my favourite games.

I wanted Spirograph for so long. It looked so much fun on the adverts and I loved drawing and doodling. Nothing could prepare me for the frustration of this toy, though. Have you ever played it? You have to clip them to a frame and it slips out a lot, ruining the picture. This toy caused more aggression than fun. Fiddly toys. Pah.

What was on your wishlist as a child?

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  1. Ahh fond memories! I had a gameboy, Barbie camper van and Spirograph too. I was obsessed, mainly, with Barbie and Polly Pocket growing up, oh and Sylvanian Families, so those were my usual Christmas presents. I had so much Barbie stuff – camper van, aeroplane, villa! The Spirograph was fiddly as hell, so annoying!

  2. Ahh I always wanted a gameboy but never got one – my best friend got one though and I used to borrow it all the time for days on end hahaa
    Amy xx

  3. Love this post! On my Christmas wishlist every year without fail was a Mr Frosty – I wanted him so bad! I finally got one after a few years of begging and…he wasn’t really that awesome XD My sister had the Barbie camper van too and I remember all the bits being really tiny and fiddly too!

  4. Love this! I found one of my old Christmas lists the other day and it’s so cringey but I basically just wrote out the Argos catalogue haha I had a really heavy one of those skip it things and always had so many bruises on my ankles! Also kinda jealous of that fold up office you had!

    Emily x

  5. Aww, TRETIS! I loved that game. I had one and my grandfather got hooked on the game too and we got another one for him. Aww, such fun memories, love your post. xx

  6. I wanted all these things too but I was also a weirdo and asked santa for a telescope and I got one when I was like 8. HA 🙂

    Rachael xx.

  7. I remember these toys! I loved my Spirograph. It kept me entertained for hours. I can see how it can be frustrating but if you start out slow and get into a groove, it is actually quite fun and endlessly fascinating. I always liked techy toys even as a kid.

  8. I raided the Argos catalogs and put such a long list down each year! I remember really wanting a Furby, Badge It, hair mascara and a shit load of those ‘shag bands’! Hahaha!! 🙂 Tania Michele xx

  9. Ahh! I always wanted a Gameboy but never got one….hehehe
    I have bought my teen a Spirograph set this year for Christmas….I am so going to be using it too 😀 x

  10. I had that Barbie campervan too and yes – so fiddly but also AMAZING, I used it to ferry around some of my smaller cuddly toys haha.

    Did you ever have one of those Robot dogs? Poochie or Teksta? The Christmas that I received mine was the best. Needless to say I stop playing with it after a couple of weeks though – oops xx

  11. OMG The Post Office! I had one of these and I loved it! With the little scale and the plastic coins. My Dad works for the Post Office and he even got me some Post Office letter head paper to use with it too! I’d forgot all about that!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  12. Haha I remember wanting all the Barbie and Bratz Doll things. I wasn’t into gaming so the gameboy was never my thing, and we didn’t have the post office toy here in the States. I did get a skip-it eventually, but by that point it wasn’t “in” and I was a bit too old for it to be fun lol.

  13. Oh the joys of sitting and going through the catalogues as a child! Had totally forgotten about Index!!!
    These were all on my lists at some point through my childhood.. along with a Mr Frosty (which my mum found hilarious to FINALLY buy me for my 18th birthday!) I also never had a Gameboy and ended up ‘borrowing’ my boyfriend at the time’s years later. Moment. Passed.


  14. Oh a skip it! I so wanted one of those and was jealous of a girl at school who used to bring one for us to use in the playground. It was purple and glittery and I wanted it!! My other wanted item was Guess Who, and I never got it!!

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