Do you have your Christmas outfits ready?


It’s always fun to get a new outfit for Christmas day. Growing up, one of my presents would always be a Christmas outfit! As I’ve gotten older, my mum generally gets me a new dress each year. To be fair to her, she usually does a good job and gets one to my taste that I wear a lot! Well done, Mum.

When I say Mum, I mean Mum and Dad. But we all know Mum just writes from the both of them on the present and my Dad is just as surprised as me when I open them on Christmas morning!


I have one pair of jeans, so I’ve been looking at getting another pair as I’ve worn my current jeans once this year, which is a 100% rise on the year before. The ones I’ve got now are from Tesco from about a million years ago, so I’ve been looking at some high waisted jeans which are a bit more flattering and came across these vintage wash ones!

I picked this lovely top to go with them as well as this jacket to fight the cold when I’m walking to my aunts and uncles house of Christmas evening – a yearly tradition. Then for shoes, I picked these lovely gold sandals that I’d wear with all the outfits.

I fell in love with the black and gold dress, as well as the red dress which is perfect for that boxing day party or NYE. Floral dresses are more summery, but this is me we’re talking about – so I think I can get away with adding this floral delight to my Christmas wardrobe wishlist – yes?

Which do you like the most?


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