How I wrote 14 blog posts in one day and you can, too.

A couple weeks ago, I knew I was going to be busy. I usually spend most of my 2 days off a week at my…


how to write lots of blog posts

A couple weeks ago, I knew I was going to be busy. I usually spend most of my 2 days off a week at my computer blogging. I had plans that meant for two weeks, I wouldn’t be able to blog on my days off. So things had to get a bit drastic.

Writing 14 blog posts in one day isn’t something I do on a regular basis, but I’ve managed to pull it off a few times during person when I know I’ll be busy, such as going on holiday.

Here’s how I did it.

how to write lots of blog posts


The first thing I do on my day off is reply to my e-mails. This is because I don’t often get the chance doing the rest of the week. I’ll give myself 30 minutes to go through and reply and then I set myself the rule of closing it down and not checking until the end of the day.

This is because if I keep getting emails, I’ll keep reading them and it distracts me from writing.

Read them, deal with them then close them.


I usually do this inside the Notes app on my phone. Here I will list each blog post I want to write that day. I start with the ones that will be hardest to write first, so when my mental energy is starting to drain I only have the easiest ones to worry about.

Allocate time. 

Next to each task I have to do, I’ll either give myself 30 minutes or 1 hour to write each post depending on what I need to do. I always ensure I give myself enough time. If I think a post might take my 40 minutes, then I’ll give it an hour slot rather than push for a 30 minute slot because if I finish 20 minutes early then I can either get ahead to finish early for the day, or give myself a bit of time to play on social media or maybe get a snack.

Keep distraction free. 

Most of the time I’ll have my flat quiet while I’m writing. Music is okay for taking photos or editing, but when I’m writing I need complete silence.

Some people work well listening to music, so make sure you know what works for you and stick to it.

Keep yourself accountable.

If you keep finding yourself with your phone in your hand checking Whatsapp, then you better check yourself, little girl. Distractions come from all over and it’s easy to forget and lost 10 minutes messaging your friends about something.

Remember that there’s nobody to come along and tell you to get back to work. You are the boss so you have to be strict with yourself.

Have your photos ready to go. 

Taking photos and editing them is my least favourite task. When I sit down to have a day like this, I’ll make sure all the photos have already been taken at the very least.

Ideally, they’ll have been edited and placed inside a draft version of the post. If I’m extra good, I’ll have placed the alt tags in the images too.

Generally, on a date of writing posts, I’ll have a variety of the above. Some that needs editing, but some that are ready in the post and waiting.

I just find doing it this way helps me with my writing flow. If I’m stopping to take photos, then write, I can’t get into it.

Take all photos at once, then write all at once. That works for me.

So that’s how I wrote 14 posts in one go – scheduled from 12pm – 9pm. I actually got ahead and finished at 7:30pm!

Not bad for a days work, eh?

How do you blog when you need to get a lot of posts done at once?

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  1. Wow! You are amazing. I get distracted too easily, not when it comes to blogging, but to working too. I read emails, I check something I should do the following day and it’s not good.

  2. Wow this is incredible, I don’t think I could pull that off! Taking pictures and editing them is my favorite part, I love this process so much! x


  3. This is such a good post! I struggle with planning & sticking to a task in that I have so many half-finished posts in my drafts and none published, just because I got distracted by HayDay… 🙁

  4. I swear, i don’t know how you spin all the plates at one time! I’ve been reading…and loving your blog for a while now, and you know what I’ve realized? That you May know what you’re talking about! Soooo, starting tomorrow(i know, why put off tomorrow, what you can do today!) I am going to apply your blogging skills, to mine, and see what happens!(sorry for the mile long comment!) I just can’t get over how cool your blog is!

  5. You are so fast at writing blog posts! I take ages! Just research could take me a few hours and I can easily spend 1 hour on images, editing. If I do two blog posts in one day I am happy! Really admire you for you speed..

  6. I NEED to keep myself distraction free if I want to bulk write some blog posts and I’ve got to be in a cracking mood aswell, so usually it’ll start the night before – with a pamper and a good nights sleep, then a big breakfast, several cups of tea and a little reward after each completed post – something sweet or some time away from the keyboard!

    Sarah 🙂

  7. Wow I’m impressed you could write so many posts in one day! Thanks for sharing your secrets 🙂

    I schedule all my blog posts in advance so I can bulk crop photos (I don’t edit) and write posts but with the boys keeping me busy it often takes me a few sittings at the computer to write more than one post, haha! Scheduling in advance so I can do bulk actions like this has been such a sanity saver for me though 🙂

  8. Wow 14 posts in one day is impressive! I could see how it’s doable if you have a good game plan going in though. The most I’ve ever written in one day is 5. I try to do my photoshoots and photo editing in batches and that really helps and I also set up skeleton posts when I’m working on my editorial calendar.

  9. Oh I wish I could be that productive. I think the most I did was writing two blog posts and taking 2-3 sets of photos. I don’t think I’d be able to write that many posts in one go, after a while I get distracted quite easily and I’m not happy with I do. Well done to you 🙂 x

  10. Very good! I recently uploaded the photos for 8 of my Cruise posts because I knew it takes me so long! So I agree with you it is my least favourite task!!x

  11. This is ironic. I was SUPPOSED to be writing a blog post and got distracted by YOUR post. LOL I’m going to need these tips in a week since I have a vacation approaching!

  12. Right now I have the fear over blogmas so am doing double the work now so I don’t need to later. But the pictures in this weather and lighting are a complete nightmare! especially as my blog is quite picture heavy all the time!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  13. I think the most I done was take pictures and edit them, plus writing the accompanying blog post… was about 7 in a day! I can usually do 10 at a push, but that’s without all the pictures which would be taken the next day! 🙂 Tania Michele xx

  14. Gosh, I don’t think I could do that. I’m not a planner. I go so far as to take the photos, and plan a title. Then I sit down a couple of hours before I want the post to go live, sometimes as little as an hour before, and write. It works, most of the time. Sometimes I’m just too tired, or I’ve not got my writing mojo and, because I’m not prepared, I miss a day of blogging. But 9 times out of 10 it works for me!

  15. `This is a great schedule! I need to try it at some point because ti takes me ages to write a post. Honestly, I find it super inspiring the fact that you can pull this off. Don’t worry, I guess many bloggers hate the photography part of the job, myself included. I feel that photos take so much of my time and even after spending an eternity trying to take good photos, mine still suck.

  16. I tend to write my posts at my weekend job. I don’t have days off, but this job is so easy that I have time. I’m sitting at a desk waiting for calls to come in so I can transfer them, that’s it. So I’ll write as many posts as I can. I try to keep at least 4 posts queued up at a time so I can go weekend to weekend, since I post twice a week. It’s been working for me so far 🙂

  17. Oooh I love the email rule you have set for yourself. So smart! If I feel myself getting distracted, I don’t usually fight it — I just set my phone for a 7 min social media break :))

  18. Whoa! This post is amazing. Now I know what to do on my days off. I wonder if it work with the Pomodoro technique? I am a big believer of using that method with my other work.

  19. I wish I was that determined to write 14 posts in one go and you even finished ahead of time! I definitely need to work on the distraction free one. Great post!

  20. It’s so easy to get distracted, so staying away from your phone is definitely a good tip for me. I find that scheduling my tweets, etc. before I have to write helps me keep focus too. Not sure if I could get 14 posts done in a day, I’ll be content with up to 4 Photos are my least favourite thing too, it’s either the lack of daylight or lack of ideas, so this is the one thing I’m working hard to improve this year.
    Love reading your posts!
    Maya |

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