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why I still love blogging after 4 years

I’m never sure when to class my blogging anniversary. My official first post was in September 2012. Then I didn’t start blogging properly until December….


why i love blogging

I’m never sure when to class my blogging anniversary. My official first post was in September 2012. Then I didn’t start blogging properly until December. I guess now would be a pretty good time to class it as 4 years. Or something close to that.

Four years. That’s a long time.

I’m going to go ahead and say it. Because I’m a human being which basically means I’m a massive cliche:

I can’t believe I’m still doing this.

I honestly thought that after a few months, I’d start blogging less and less and then give up.

I’ve had many hobbies in my time, playing instruments, playing xbox, minecraft etc etc, but nothing has really stuck. I always felt after a while, I was forcing myself to do these hobbies rather than enjoying the experience.

why i love blogging

It’s been different with blogging. Although there are times when I do have to sit and force myself to write(usually because I’ve been busy and I’m tired, or I’m hungover), I find it really easy and the thought of not having a blog scares me a little now.

It has become a big part of me. In a way, I think it’s often the most interesting side of me. My job isn’t particularly interesting, but when people find out I blog – they love asking questions about it. I really like that. It makes me feels good.

One of the main reasons I still blog is the process of creating something that’s worth it. I could spend my time on Call of Duty, I could watch more Netflix, but there’s no end product. I’ve always been wanting to create. When we got our first computer when I was 8, I started writing a novel about a girl called Rebecca who lived in a treehouse. I was always wanting to write and draw. Before the computer, I was drawing comic books and inventing things. It’s taken me a while to find the right type of creative outlet for me, but I’m glad I did.

That sounds a bit soft and very ‘millennial’ of me, I don’t mean it to! I’ve just always been the type of child that was lost in her own thoughts and imagining things. I’ve found the perfect way to focus all that energy one, which I love.

The biggest reason I have for my love for blogging, and probably the reason I still blog today, is my friends.

When I started blogging, there weren’t many events that I knew of. I didn’t start speaking to other Leeds bloggers until over a year into blogging and I never imagined I would actually meet any. When I was invited to a brunch just down the road from me, I decided to go for it.

That was almost 3 years ago. Now 90% of my friends are bloggers. I’m not talking about people I talk to online, I’m talking about people who come to my birthday night out, people who help me move house, people who have wine and cheese nights and I go to their house on a Saturday evening. It’s much more than blogging friends. It’s more like best friends.

Who knows where I would be without blogging. Probably sat on my own in my flat playing xbox, with only 1 friend left in Leeds. Now I have more friends than I could shake a stick at and I struggle to make enough time for them all.

But it’s fab.

I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Here’s to the next 4 years blogging.

Why do you still blog?

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  1. I get this so much! I’ve been blogging my whole life (well, since I was 11/12) and it’s one of those things that I always think I will stop, but within months I’m always back at it. Not sure if I’m just too narcissistic to keep things to myself or WHAT. But I love it, and it’s been the main way I made new friends moving to a new country. 🙂

  2. I’ve only just started blogging really. I’ve been doing it for a year and a bit now, after on-off experiences on tumblr. I don’t particularly have many friends within blogging, but that’s honestly because I haven’t made much effort to reach out, so I’m not as involved. But it’s taught me so much about myself blogging! I have a new-found confidence in my abilities to write and have my own space to watch grow and mature!

    eleanor x

  3. Congratulations on 4 years of blogging! The sense of community is definitely one of the best things about it!

  4. I’ve met many wonderful blogging friends but never had the opportunity to meet (yet!) but I’m hoping to catch up with a couple the next time I’m in Vancouver. Frankly, I don’t know why I still blog, yes I still enjoy it but I’m unsure where it’s taking me or how much longer I’ll continue.

  5. 4 years! Congratulations! Loved to read your story. I also can’t imagine to live without blogging. It’s a part of my life and who I am…

  6. I can’t imagine NOT blogging, seriously. What would I do with myself? Sure, it’s hard sometimes but like you said, it becomes this really interesting part of you – something that’s not a 9-5 day job, something different and although most of the people who know me know about my blog, they don’t blog themselves so they’re always asking questions etc, it’s really nice and beats talking about the weather!

    I speak to my blogging friends EVERY SINGLE DAY. No joke, I speak to them more than I speak to my Mum or anyone else in my life. We’ve seen each other through some proper shitty times and some amazing times, somedays I think I blog just because I’m scared if I don’t, I won’t have them anymore, and they’re worth their weight in gold!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  7. Blogging for me is like a vanishing point, it relaxes and entertains me, although there are times when I block myself, I get saturated but then it happens to me and I continue because it is already part of me too!

  8. 4 years is a long time, I think I’ve been blogging for that long too and wow, I still can’t believe I’m doing this. Maybe this is really indeed my passion.

  9. Aww, congrats on 4 years! And I thought my 1 year was impressive…haha! I’m like you, though. I honestly didn’t think I’d keep going with my blog. I’ve had so many hobbies in the past (learning to code, reviewing books, reviewing films, writing fiction, writing non-fiction etc) that fell by the wayside pretty quickly. So to still be blogging 1 year later is, for me, a huge achievement. I blog because I love being creative, I love having my own space on the internet, I love getting to meet, know and interact with new people, and I love the friends I’ve made from blogging!

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