How I never run out of idea for blog posts

I’ve got over 1000 posts on this blog and somehow I’m still going. One thing that people often ask me is how do I think…


how to get blog post ideas

I’ve got over 1000 posts on this blog and somehow I’m still going.

One thing that people often ask me is how do I think up new ideas for blog posts every day.

It’s not something I’ve ever struggled with, which you may think makes me a dick. In fact, the whole reason I blog every day as I had too many ideas and unless I had a schedule of one new post a day, things would become redundant before I had a free slot to publish the post.

I guess we all struggle with different things. Like, I struggle keeping my flat tidy and getting food in my mouth rather than on my face, but I can blog 14 hours straight. Other people struggle to blog so much, but don’t eat like a four-year-old. Swings and roundabouts, innit.

I’m not really sure if this is a tips post, but it’s more a bit of a chatty post telling you where I get my ideas from.

Let’sssss go!

how to get blog post ideas

PR samples and brand work.

This may sound obvious, but when you work with brands on something, you’re given a topic to talk about there on a plate. When I accept samples or sponsored posts, it’s heavily driven by me wanting more content than actually wanting the product. People often say you shouldn’t blog about things you wouldn’t use, but if it’s a fit for your blog and means you fill a spot in your schedule, then I say go for it.

Questions from your readers.

I’ll often get questions left for me in the comments or Tweets or DMs sent to me. Rather than spending my time sending an individual reply, I’ll create a blog post around the topic. This works best for me in regards to blog tip posts.

Things that have happened to me.

Going out somewhere, having something funny or weird happen, or a big life event can always be a good topic.

You can even delve back into your past and think about a lesson you’ve learned, something that you’ve experienced, how you have grown in some ways. You go back to your childhood to talk about favourite holidays, Christmas presents, toys, TV shows and songs. Posts like that are always fun to read and write.

Twitter chats.

There are about a million and twelve Twitter chats every week. Some of them have awesome topics and might give you an idea for a blog post.

It’s hard to express yourself in 140 characters, so if you ever see a topic that takes your fancy, then blog about it.

Seasonal stuff. 

Halloween costume ideas, Christmas jumper wishlists, how to decorate your house for Easter, autumn wardrobe essentials, what’s it my suitcase.. there are loads of posts you can do themed on the time of year, holidays or other festivals and celebrations.

A lot of these are quite quick and easy to do, too. I’ll often have a few posts like this pre-written as back-up for if I’m busy.


Lists are always a good post to turn to, both as backups or if you’re short on time. Top 5 songs, best movies of 2016, best lipsticks, quotes, dresses, or even your top 5 own blog posts. I like to do a top 5 or 10 blog posts of the year late December, for example!

Things you’re working on.

You can talk about your goals – blog goals, life goals or something similar. These are great chatty posts and can be a fab way of letting your audience get to know you a bit better, as well as allowing them to share their goals and things they’re working on in the comments for a bit of a 2-way conversation.

So that’s where I usually get my blogging inspiration from.

How do you come up with new ideas?

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  1. I never seem to run out of blog ideas! I always find something I like talking about, even if it’s writing about writing. 😛

  2. for the past year I just feel like I have been winging it. haha. So bad yet so true! I get a lot of inspiration by just reading other blogs and seeing what I enjoy reading, not that I 100% copy them, but I adapt them to fit with my style and what I want to talk about 🙂

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  3. I never seem to run out of blog ideas but I primarily blog about fashion so its easier. I always have a new fashion trend decided by the gods of fashion to fall back on! I think you are really good with your blog and your posts always seem to be exactly the kind of thing I want to read!

  4. I seem to go through up’s and down’s with my blog – sometimes I’ll have loads of ideas, and sometimes I won’t be able to think of anything! But I’ll definitely check this back when I’m having writer’s block. I agree that your life and things you’re working on will always make a great post!

  5. I have certain running monthly features that I always do which I consider the backbone of my content and then I just come up with ideas as I try new products or attend events.

  6. I’ve not ran out of inspiraion yet either, I don’t post everyday though but I do have a nice little system going.

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

  7. Although there are times when I have a blank mind, you can always get fresh ideas, my method is reviewed journals in fashion and trends, stroll through options always helps me generate new ideas for future entries, also something that has me happened, or press releases that I always send PR agencies so as you think there is always a topic to write. Great post Corinne!

  8. I go through phases with ideas – some days I have TOO many and I can’t get them down fast enough, other days it’s like licking the bottom of a dry well. The WORST is the ideas I have before bed, because I’m telling you they are amazing ideas….and theyre gone by morning never to return. Yes I should keep pen and paper next to my bed but, like, effort?

    Sarah 🙂

  9. If I run out of ideas, I always turn to a list to get me through a scheduled post day! 🙂 Tania Michele xx

  10. I’m not sure that I “run out” of ideas per se, but since I work 7 days a week I sometimes just don’t have time. That’s why I’ve taken to making the weekends my writing days and I schedule several posts in advance. These are good tips though 🙂

  11. I take my metaphorical hat of to you for blogging every day. I don’t struggle to find content just time to write posts. The tips for content above are all great Lucy x

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