5 tips to make travelling cheaper and easier

travel tips to save money

I like to think of myself as reasonably well travelled. While I’m not a travel expert, I’m able to sort out a trip and travel alone without stress.

Without stress – this is key. There’s nothing nice about panicking or feeling worried about something when you’re supposed to be enjoying a holiday. Especially when you’re worrying about money. Here are some tips to keep your adventures cheap and stress-free!

travel tips to save money

travel tips to save money

Book everything separately.

Booking flights, transfers and accommodation separately can give you much more flexibility on the dates and times you travel, it can also save you money.

If there are a few of you travelling, ordering a taxi from the airport won’t actually cost you that much. When we went to Paris, we used a taxi to take us from the airport to our accommodation near Disneyland. While you can get there using the metro, it saves the hassle of carting your belongings around with you why you’re trying to find the right line to get on.

There are plenty of taxi companies you can book online and get an estimate of the fair so you’re not blind to it!

Use a travel company.

After checking prices of things separately, it might be worth checking any deals with a travel company. If you’re nervous about going it all alone, spending a bit extra to be looked after could be worth it for you. If you’re booking a business trip, a company like Statesman Travel might be an ideal way to get a personalised service without the pressure of trying to sort it all out by yourself.

Take carry hand luggage only.

A lot of low fare airlines now don’t offer free luggage but charge £20 or more per case. I’ve done many 4 day trips with only hand luggage. An alternative way is to share a case between two or three of you.

Know the best deal on public transport.

When I went to Prague a few years ago, we didn’t really know what we were doing. We bought tickets on our last night, like we had all the trip, and got stopped to have them checked. Apparently, we had bought student tickets by mistake and had to pay an on the spot fine. The fine meant we were skint on our last night as we didn’t have much cash left.

So not only make sure you know deals are the best to get on public transports (day tickets, etc), but make sure you understand which ticket to buy. It’s scary being in a foreign country and being told they would call the police and take you away if you didn’t pay up!

Watch where you eat.

You don’t have to dine out every meal. Make use of food stands that often sell local delights, or going to the supermarket and having a picnic of local cheese, meats, bread and shop bought beer can save you loads of money.

It’s become a bit of a tradition for me to do this in Paris – getting food from a supermarket and sit outside the Eiffel tower with a Leffe, cheese and a fresh baguette!

What are your travel tips?


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