26 things I hate

One of my flaws is that I’m easily annoyed. Another one of my flaws is that I’m impatient. It’s a good job I’m pretty awesome…



One of my flaws is that I’m easily annoyed. Another one of my flaws is that I’m impatient. It’s a good job I’m pretty awesome so can balance the awful parts about me out. I hope.

These flaws mean I hate a lot of things so I wanted to talk about some of the things that irk me the most.

  1. When people stand in the entrance to a shop talking so you can’t get past.
  2. When you forget you still have half a cup of tea left until it’s cold.
  3. When your bed is warm and outside the bed is cold but it’s time to get outside the bed.
  4. When you need to go to bed but you’re on the cat video part of the Internet.
  5. What Netflix asks you ‘Are you till watching this’ after 4 hours of Gilmore Girls. Judgy much?
  6. When your friends won’t stop chatting on Whatsapp but you’re at work and suffering from FOMO.
  7. When you finish work and catch up on 600 messages to realise your friends are fucking morons.
  8. That feeling when you’ve got so much to do and don’t know where to start so just do nothing.
  9. The night before going back to work after a week off.
  10. Having wet hands.
  11. When people ask ‘what’s new with you?’ and you feel really boring when you reply ‘nothing’.
  12. When someone holds the door open for you so you feel like you have to rush.
  13. When you walk past someone and not sure if you should make eye contact and say hello or not.
  14. When your phone automatically connects to some wifi network and you can’t send any messages.
  15. When it’s autumn.
  16. Not having enough time.
  17. Being cold.
  18. Slow internet.
  19. Running out of phone battery.
  20. When people stop in the middle of the street and you almost walk into them.
  21. When you walk past someone and you both go to walk the same way and do the awkward dance.
  22. When meetings run over.
  23. The day before going back to work after a few days off.
  24. Running out of milk.
  25. When you want to go for a run or bike ride and it’s raining.
  26. Being low on petrol.

What things do you hate the most?

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  1. I love your list. xx I hate being low on petrol and people that stand in front of the door. It’s the same at the tube, I’m so happy I don’t have to use the London tube daily.

  2. In addition to people who stand in the entrance to shops I’d like to add people who stand still in the middle of an escalator and huff when you want past. STAND TO ONE SIDE THEN.

  3. Argh, I hate forgetting about hot drinks. Especially when you take a massive gulp and realise it’s cold after it’s too late. I also choked a laugh at number 7 πŸ˜€

  4. I love your list, mine would be much of the same. I hate cold, I hate being too hot. I hate my Car needing anything done to it, fuel, MOT, ANYTHING. I hate What’sApp messages – you are so right. And I hate it how it doesn’t matter how many times I tell my friends and family that I work evenings and weekends – they still ask what I am up to on a sunday.. working… always. And with that, I hate how they call me lazy on a Monday when I get to have a long lie. Tis my weekend. ARGH.

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  5. Ahhh I agree with you on pretty much all of these haha. I HATE when my phone connects to something like The Cloud without me realising and then I don’t get why it’s not working haha, plus I swear I’ve told it to forget The Cloud network a million times!
    Amy xx

  6. haha yes to so many of these! The petrol one really irks me – it always goes from a little low to “Find fuel NOW” at the worst times. Hubby denies that it does and says that the “60km left” warning is right but I am positive it chews through it faster when I’m driving just so that it can fluster me when I’m running late, gaaah!

  7. I hear ya on lots of these! SLOW pedestrians is one of my chief bugbears and children who say, “Can I go toilet???” that lack of ‘to ‘the’ and may’ and of course, the ‘please’ drives me mad! And it’s a GLOCKENSPIEL, not a XYLOPHONE!

  8. “When you forget you still have half a cup of tea left until it’s cold.”

    Worse is when you’ve drank all your tea and you go to take another sip and you realise it’s all gone. Gutting!

  9. I also hate it when people stop in the middle of the street and you almost walk into them and also when you make every effort to avoid someone and they just don’t give a crap and don’t even move an inch.

  10. I love your list, it feels so familiar! I hate being behind a group of people walking slowly and taking up the whole pavement. Oh and that feeling on your last day at work before time off when there’s not enough time to do everything!

  11. OMFG the people in shop doorways one KILLS me. I actually huffed and moaned so loud at a woman the other day for doing this, I cant help it – proper twats me off! hahaa πŸ™‚ x

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