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25 Ideas for Christmas Themed Blog Posts

Christmas is coming! This often means we are going to be BUSY AF. Especially those of us that work in retail and have to balance…


christmas themed blog posts

Christmas is coming!

This often means we are going to be BUSY AF. Especially those of us that work in retail and have to balance a busy work life with a busy social life.

I’m off work next week and I plan to write a fair few posts for over Christmas. Being planned and organised is the key to keeping the blog going over busy periods, so I hope to get a few posts scheduled for the rest of this month, as well as some for over the Christmas period.

I was about to sit down and brainstorm some ideas for Christmas themed post and was like WAIT A MINUTE. You know, in the style of the Kazoo Kid? Why not kill two birds with one stone and brainstorm ideas for Christmas blog posts AND MAKE A POST ABOUT IT.

I am so clever sometimes it hurts.

So here’s a list of some ideas for Christmas themed blog posts, as well as some links to previous ones I’ve written!

christmas themed blog posts

  1. Christmas stocking fillers for adults.
  2. Christmas stocking fillers for children.
  3. Christmas stocking fillers for men.
  4. A Christmas Gift Guide from a specific shop.
  5. Childhood memories of Christmas.
  6. Create your own A Christmas Gift Guide.
  7. Christmas makeup.
  8. Christmas gift ideas for men.
  9. Christmas gift ideas for your parents.
  10. Top Christmas Movies.
  11. Christmas day outfit.
  12. Top Christmas songs.
  13. Christmas party dress ideas.
  14. Review of a Christmas range, like Lush’s Christmas range or Bodyshop.
  15. Toys you got at Christmas as a child.
  16. Types of Christmas gifts, like Classic vs Novelty.
  17. Review of a Christmas menu or food range.
  18. Christmas homeware ideas.
  19. Christmas dressing up ideas for work dress up days and parties.
  20. A Christmas tag.
  21. Advent calender guide.
  22. Christmas Jumper Wishlist.
  23. Christmas themed gifts.
  24. What you did at Christmas.
  25. What you got for Christmas.

What Christmas themed posts do you have coming up?

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  1. I made a post about what we did for Halloween over the years and it was so much fun. I should make one for Christmas too. x

  2. These are great suggestions! I’m always on the look out for more ideas so this was perfect! Thanks for sharing 🙂 VioletDaffodils


  3. Love these ideas! I’m in the midst of planning Blogmas so this is perfect, thank you :)xx

    Lauren |

  4. I’ve got one Christmas post planned so far… I really need to get working on them as Christmas will be here before you know it! 😀

  5. *Mentally plans to nick these ideas…*
    Great ideas! I think the posts I most enjoyed doing at Christmas were my 12 days of Christmas fictional diary accounts a few years ago. Everyone really got involved with them!

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