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#socialbloggers 126 // Blog Emails

Blog emails can be exciting, but also a stressful part of blogging. If you’re not drowning in press releases, you’re trying to find the e-mail…


blog emails

Blog emails can be exciting, but also a stressful part of blogging. If you’re not drowning in press releases, you’re trying to find the e-mail for that product you received a few weeks ago to tell the PR the post is live.

It can be overwhelming at times. If you’re getting asked about products sent, being emailed to blog for free or simply getting sent irrelevant emails inviting you to the House of Lords. Which I seem to get a lot but no idea why.

I have an account just for blogging that is tired to my blog URL. I go through phases of when I’m really good at managing e-mails, but other times it all seems a bit overwhelming.

I did once have a system where I would put things in folders like this:

  • Things waiting for in the post.
  • Posts pending.
  • Awaiting payment.
  • Email sent.

But with the amount of back and forth I do, I simply just flag those emails that I need to come back to or write down the name of the contact in my notes so I can search it later.

I spend way too much time deleting emails that I don’t care about. Mostly press releases or emails from people asking to post on my site, or asking me to join blog networks. I try to unsubscribe from anyone that has added me to a list – I find brands will often add me to their list after I’ve worked with them which is frustrating because it’s time-consuming sifting through e-mails and trying to figure out which ones are worth replying to and which ones are junk or generic newsletters.

I used to be on my emails constantly, but now I’ll only check every few days and reply to emails when I have time, rather than rushing to reply on my phone during work. It makes me feel much calmer this was, so I can make sure I don’t miss anything!

How do you manage your emails?

blog emails

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  1. I am really bad at dealing with the emails, I have created a template for emails, however, I seem to forget using it. It is really annoying how people send emails like “we are in love with your fashion sense…” wth… I haven’t even posted a fashion related post lol 🙂 Also those guest posts which are trying to promote some companies also annoys me a lot! x

  2. I try to keep my emails organised but I’m so rubbish at it, I don’t even get loads anyway! x

    Sick Chick Chic

  3. I check my emails every morning so I’ll be on top of things and I also reply all PR emails with a date that I will publish the review or in what post the product will be included in latest a day after I received the product. That way there’s no dilly dally and I don’t forget, it’s a system that I have made into a routine and it works well for me.

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