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Since moving into my new flat in July (what, you moved house, Corinne? I hear you gasp), I’ve started watching TV a lot more than…



Since moving into my new flat in July (what, you moved house, Corinne? I hear you gasp), I’ve started watching TV a lot more than I did before.

I just wanted to share with you some of my latest loves.

Once Upon A Time.

I started watching this years ago when it first came out. I loved the first season, but then it got a bit silly so I stopped half way through season 6.

I then learnt that you have to embrace the silliness, so started watching this again a few weeks ago and now I’m up to date!

You’ve never never heard of Once Upon A Time, it’s basically a show where all fairy tales live in a different realm. All the characters you see from children books and Disney movies are in it and it can get quite interesting how they all relate to each other in some way!

But yes, it is VERY cheesy.

Parks and Recreation.

If you could appreciate The Office USA, then you’ll appreciate this. It’s filmed the same way, in that you see them go about their working day but then they also talk to the camera.

As you get into the show, you learn more about each character and they all have such unique personalities. It’s one of those shows that manages to do that rare thing of making me laugh out loud.

It’s a joy to watch and always makes me smile!


This has just finished the second season. I’ll be honest and say I couldn’t remember the first that much!

If you like slasher movies like the Scream movies, then you’ll enjoy this. It’s very similar but it’s a TV show instead of a movie, leaving more time for character developments and twist plots.

Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23

This is a typical American comedy show. It’s about a girl who has just broken up with her fiance and she moves in with a girl who is a total wild, party animal. It also features Dawson from Dawson’s creek as a fictionalised version of himself. Which is entertaining in parts as he’s always referring to his time back on the show when it was big.

It’s one of those TV shows you can put on in the background, or just watch when you want a bit of mindless TV on!

I’m now on the hunt for more TV shows, so please share your favourites!

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  1. I still loooove Once Upon A Time, it is a shame though that it lost the darker, urban fairytale feel from S1 when it was best, but I’ve def embraced the cheesiness. I think I’ll have to give Parks & Recreation a go soon, keep hearing good things!

  2. I binged watched White Collar, oh my god yes.
    Also The Following is v good too.
    Fab choices you have there haha


  3. I like Once Upon A Time too, it’s fun. I love a couple of shows and I would recommend them: Breaking Bad (it’s amazing! my favourite show) and The Walking Dead, of course. x

  4. I really want to watch Scream! Once I’ve finished Pretty Little Liars, and Stranger Things, and Making of a Murderer (or whatever it’s called. But it’s something like that). There are just too damn many good tv shows to watch. Have you tried Scream Queens? If you like Scream you may like that series. Series 2 just starting on E4 tonight. Series 1 probably available on catchup.

  5. My absolute favourites include How to get away with murder (I love it soo much) and Younger, currently these are the only shows I’m watching and when I have some free time I’ll binge watch a few episodes of Gilmore girls on Netflix because that’s one of my all time favourites (alongside The OC and SATC).

  6. Some good suggestions. I watched Once Upon a Time and then stopped worth knowing it’s one to go back too. You should try stranger things if you haven’t watched Lucy x

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