London Zoo and The Okapi

Last weekend, I spent three days in London. It was wonderful. On one of the days, we went to London Zoo to meet the giraffes….


London zoo

Last weekend, I spent three days in London. It was wonderful. On one of the days, we went to London Zoo to meet the giraffes.

Giraffes are my favourite.

I also discovered the beautiful Okapi. It’s a beautiful animal that has zebra type stripes on its legs and is closely related to the giraffe.

Okapis are my second favourite.

It was a beautiful day, the type of day you don’t need a jacket or tights. The zoo was a lot bigger than I expected with penguins, tigers, lions, monkeys, birds, bugs, fish, snakes, bats and more.

We spent a good few hours wandering around and discovering everything. Even though I almost died of vertigo and almost died of spiders. I had to sit down for a bit, I still had fun!

I want more zoos please.

London zoo

London zoo

London zoo giraffes

London zoo giraffes

London zoo zebras

London zoo okapi

London zoo oakpi

London zoo

London zoo penguins

London zoo penguins

London zoo penguins

London zoo tortoise

London zoo tortoise

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  1. Lovely photos! I hope the rest of Autumn will be as sunny as the one you showed me today hahaha Have a fab day, Iga x

  2. I love penguins! 🙂 It’s been a while since I’ve been to the zoo, but I did go to West Midlands Safari Park earlier this year.

  3. It’s been years since I went to London Zoo – I think the last time was with primary school! The Okapi is so unusual but very beautiful, can see why giraffes are your fave though. They always look so graceful! Glad it was a lovely day when you went, I’ve been before when it was raining and most of the animals hid away – not that I can blame them though! x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

  4. Aww, love your photos. I would love to visit London zoo, but I’m sure I would spend the whole day looking at the animals and so far never managed to visit it on our trips.

  5. Giraffe are a favourite of mine too, such graceful animals for being so huge. London zoo is lovely and to think it’s right in the heart of the husstle and bustle of london Lucy x

  6. I love going to the zoo, it always makes me so happy! My favourites are red pandas, I could stare at them for hours! xx

  7. Lovely photos – I really want to visit London Zoo. If you ever are in the Cotswolds area, Cotswold Wildlife Park is amazing. I’ve been twice and still haven’t seen everything, and could go about 1000 more times. They have giraffes – three! – but no okapis. And you can get so close to the giraffes with no barriers between you. Also, you can walk with lemurs. How cool is that? I swear, I’m not a salesperson for CWP haha. I just love it, and I’m repping my local zoo! x

  8. This must have been so much fun! I love all the photographs you got, the animals are adorable 🙂

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