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Hedonist Project // Mountain Ski Lodge

hedonist project Leeds

When I had an invite to the launch latest creation of The Hedonist Project in Leeds city center, I was happy I was actually able to go! Working shifts means I often have to turn down events like this, which is a shame, as I’m a big fan of The Hedonist Project. Late last year, they opened as Liquor & Whisky, which I was also able to attend. 

The Hedonist Project is a fun concept, every 4 months or so they close their doors, re-decorate to open as something different. They’ve also had a rum and gin bar. I was wondering what they would open as next as they seem to have gotten through the main spirits.

This time it was Mountain Ski Lodge – a bar themed as a ski and snowboarding lodge. It’s decorated with snowboards on the wall, a big painting of slopes and the snow/winter themed cocktails are all a delight to try.

These aren’t your typical cosmos and mojitos – but unique in ingredients and names. It’s kind of hard to decide which want you want to try first.

My favourite two cocktails had to be the Deep Nectar and The Grindelwald. The Deep Nectar is served with a big ball of ice, about the size of a tennis ball. It’s quirky things like this that make all the difference and give that wow factor. I find The Hedonist Project are always brilliant at doing that.

Also, thanks to Deimante for letting me use the photos of us at the bottom!

hedonist project mountain lodge ski


hedonist project mountain lodge ski

hedonist project mountain lodge ski

hedonist project mountain lodge ski

hedonist project mountain lodge ski

hedonist project mountain lodge ski hedonist project mountain lodge launch night hedonist project mountain lodge launch night

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