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Get Your Birth Control Online

It can seem like such a hassle to book a doctors appointment to get something as simple as birth control. Especially if you have been…



It can seem like such a hassle to book a doctors appointment to get something as simple as birth control. Especially if you have been on the pill before and already know which ones are suitable for you. You can wait a week or two for a non-emergency appointment!

I’ve been using Lloyds Online Pharmacy for a year now to get my birth control, cutting out the middle man of the doctor.

It’s easy to do. Just go over to Lloyds contraceptive page and pick which birth control you want. You then fill out an online questionnaire which is then reviewed by a doctor. It’s important to be honest about your health history in this questionnaire as if the pills aren’t suitable for you, the doctor will decline your request.  In cases like this, it is best to speak to a doctor about the best option for you.


You select which pharmacy you want to pick it up in, then you’re good to go. They’re usually reviewed very quickly and there has been times when I’ve re-ordered my pill, then gone to pick it up within the hour!

All pills are different, but with the one I take, I have to be weighed and have my height recorded to check my BMI is within the healthy range and also have my blood pressure taken to make sure that’s normal, too.

It’s a really quick process and can save the time it takes to get to the doctors, wait around and then head to the pharmacy.


You can also get the morning after pill through the service – either to pick up on the day or to have one to hand just in case. If you’re on the pill, it does become less effective if you’ve been suffering from sickness and diarrhoea or are on certain medications. You should always read the leaflet inside the pack which tells you what to do in these situations.

According to my pill, I should allow 7 days of taking it since I was ill for it to be effective. The morning-after pill isn’t ideal for birth control itself, but if you’re using condoms and have an accident, it’s the best option!

I feel the need to mention the obvious – the pill doesn’t prevent STI’s, so just because you’re on the pill doesn’t mean you can have unprotected sex with anyone!

If you do have an accident and need emergency contraception, you can buy ellaOne online here.

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  1. I’d have never have thought of ordering my pill online. I have to have my height/weight and BMI tracked a couple of times a year with my pill too so I don’t know if ordering it online would make it any quicker to get hold of – the pill I can get my hands on, it’s the appointment for the check ins thats impossible to get!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  2. This is such a good idea and I’m so glad you shared that this exists – my local NHS have stopped supplying the pill I have been on and changed me to a new one which I’ve had side effects from and this will allow me to switch back!

    Emma |

  3. Honestly had no idea this was something we could do! Will definitely look into this once I’m off my current stream of tablets! 🙂 Tania Michele xx

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