Christmas Party Dresses

It has started. I am now in Christmas mode. I even have a countdown on my phone and I’m not even sorry. As my diary…


christmas party dresses

It has started. I am now in Christmas mode. I even have a countdown on my phone and I’m not even sorry.

As my diary starts to fill up around Christmas, I’m thinking about my wardrobe. Although I have 2 wardrobes full of dresses already, there’s always room for more, right? Or should I say, room for a 3rd wardrobe!

I’ve been on the party dress section of House of Fraser having a look what they have to offer. You all know how I feel about House of Fraser, I’m a pretty big fan of them seeing as they stock both affordable and more expensive dresses – and often many are reduced. It’s easier to find something in your budget range than you would think!


As you can see, I have a clear preference when it comes to party dresses. Dark colours with a bit of sparkle and that all important nip in at the waist. I’m experienced in dresses and I know which type suit me. I’m a very hippy lady with a small waist, so I always try to ensure my clothes show that off. I don’t have many boobs and my arms are pretty shit, so it’s all I have to offer!

What’s your preferred style in a party dress?

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  1. I like all of them, they are so cute. I didn’t start thinking about Christmas, I’m constantly thinking about Halloween 🙂

  2. Well someone had to throw their hat in the ring first. A good place to start with dresses. I love the blue lace dress but to be honest they are all lovely Lucy x

  3. Ooh the third one looks so amazing, I think you’d look great in it! And I can’t wait for Christmas, it’s my favourite time of year! 🙂 Have a great weekend! xx

  4. I’m not a dressy kind of girl, but I do quite like the 4th one!

    I can’t even think about Christmas until I get past my niece’s birthday at the beginning of November… Although saying that, I did find a couple of presents in The Works yesterday 🙂

  5. I’ve geared up with presents, but have yet to think of any outfits for the season! Oops… Tania xx

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