Adding Value To Your Home

As you know, I’ve recently moved house and now live on my own. I love having more freedom to do what I want with my…


add value to your home

As you know, I’ve recently moved house and now live on my own. I love having more freedom to do what I want with my space, but as I’m renting, I’m still dreaming of being able to put a bit more of a personal touch to my home.

I’m saving up for a deposit for a house and I’ve been checking out what I can get for my money in the local area.

One thing that’s become evident to me is that it’s probably going to be better for me to get something bigger but needs work, rather than a modern house that doesn’t need anything doing to it – but is smaller.

A new kitchen, a loft conversion, putting a conservatory on the back or even an extension are all things I’ve been wondering about.

When Tile Mountain sent me this infographic about how to best up the value of your home, I found it useful. Not only that, but it compares the best way to add value in the UK and the US.

Take a look and let me know what you think!

It’s only just struck me how typically British a conservatory is! Haha!


Home Improvements That Add Value
Home Improvements That Add Value

For more info, please visit Tile Mountain.

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  1. I lived by myself for two years in Manchester, it’s so weird to now be living with 5 other people, I really miss having my own space. I definitely want to buy in the future and build on a home to make it completely my own!

    Hannah xx

  2. This is good to know. We did a bunch of renovations when we bought our apartment and even though it meant putting more money in, it’s worth it for the return we will eventually get on our investment.

  3. It’s interesting. We bought a house 2 years ago and we did improvements that added value. I think the most important one was the loft, transformed into a storage area. It was costly, but the extra space is very helpful.

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