Why are we all refusing to be adults?

Being a cliche sucks. Be we all are one. One way or another. Like how we all think we’re socially awkward. Or weird. Or random….


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Being a cliche sucks. Be we all are one. One way or another.

Like how we all think we’re socially awkward. Or weird. Or random.

I hate when people refer to themselves as random the most. You’re not random, you’re just a dick.

I don’t know if it’s because of my age and the age of my friends. I mean, I am at that age where it is time to get your shit together and I’m getting a bit panicked that all my friends have husbands and kids and I can’t even get a boy to put up with me for more than three dates. Or is this not adulting thing is just the new cliche?

You see it everywhere.

‘I don’t want to adult today’.

‘Adulting is hard’.

I feel like everyone around me is like NOOOOOOOO to being a responsible person. Everyone is refusing to acknowledge their true age. That they are legally an adult with responsibilities, with bills to pay and such.

don't want to adult

Oh, me too. I’m one of the worst ones for it.

I’ll be the firs to say stuff like ‘I can’t get a cat because I can’t even feed myself lolololol’. Or Tweet that I’m having sweet potato fries for breakfast because SCREW BEING A RESPONSIBLE ADULT.

I actually had sweet potato fries at 10am this morning because I was too lazy to make myself dinner last night. See. I don’t just say these things, I live the values, too.

There are times at work when I stop and think, oh no – I’m currently in charge of this really big supermarket and all the customers and all the people working here. I have to make all the decisions and sort out all the problems if something goes wrong.

I swing between phases of:

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL who decided I was up for this task? SUCKAS. 


I actually have no idea what I’m doing. I just hope nobody dies. 

don't want to adult

But I think I know why I’m constantly putting down my life and how I function.

It’s because I’m embarrassed how my life has turned out. How it has turned out different to…. to most peoples? To my brothers, my cousins, my families, my school friends.

When you’re younger, you think of growing up. You imagine a good job where you are liked. You imagine a husband and children. You imagine buying a house with a big garden.

You look at adults and they seem kind of boring. Do you remember that? How boring adults seemed? Visiting a family friend and having to sit and listen to them mumble on was the worst.

But now I’m an adult and my friends are funny as fuck. Hell, I’m as funny as fuck! So I don’t know what happened with the adults back then, this generation is either nuts, or our perception of things change as we grow.

So, back to the point.

I think I’m just a bit ashamed of not having all these things. A relationship, kids, a house. I feel far behind. My brothers are all married and have 4 children each.

So what I do is I take the mess out of my life because it makes me feel better.

You know like when you have a massive spot and you tell people you have a massive spot so they know you know and you know they know that they know and then it doesn’t feel like it’s the elephant in the room.

That’s what I’m doing. But with my loser life.

My name is Corinne. I had sweet potato fries and tomato soup for breakfast. I’m 30 years old and last night I played Xbox and drank a bottle of wine and now I’m hungover.

I have no responsibilities apart from paying my bills, rent and getting to work on time. Other than that, I do what I want.

It’s a bit pants that I feel proper shit about living my life how I want it. I mean, it’s not like I’ve chosen to be single and childless – it just kind of never worked out for me. But does that mean I should be embarrassed of it?

I don’t know.

don't want to adult

But I think that’s why I walk around declaring myself as a rubbish adult, never wanting to grow up and being an irresponsible mess.

Because people probably think it, anyway. So I might as well say it.

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  1. I don’t like those messages because I think we should embrace the age we have. Being an adult is not less fun (but fun can be more expensive :)) ). As for the rest, I have a home and a husband, a job I love. But I also know that if I wouldn’t have found him almost 14 years ago, my life would have been different. It’s very hard to find the person you really want to spend the rest of your life with.

  2. Your not a rubbish adult because you don’t have a husband or children. Different people have different paths.

  3. Being an adult does suck – the bills and responsibilities are not fun! I think ‘not adulting’ has become the new normal with 18-35 years olds! it’s all over social media! I still have friends who are off getting married or having babies, but then see they’re struggling or not enjoying it – I’m far to irresponsible for all that yet… Tania xx taniamichele.blogspot.co.uk

  4. We’ve all got different paths: some people think being an adult is getting married, others think it’s about getting to the top of a career ladder or getting a mortgage. Basically, we’re all failing at something but it’s about embracing and it and fuck yeah, declaring it to the world if it makes us feel better! Really enjoyed this post x

  5. I seriously don’t feel like being adult! I am 30 and I just don’t feel 30, also whenever I get alcohol, they still check my id which makes me feel a lot younger ha ha 🙂 When I was a kid, all I wanted to grow up and have my own life and now I want the opposite. I still enjoy watching cartoons and eat junk food as a breakfast, or left over chips from the last night. You’re not alone 🙂 Just be how you want to be, f*ck anyone who tells you to act like an adult 🙂 x

  6. LOL can I just say that I hate people describing themselves as random? It’s like, SO YOU THINK YOU’RE A SPECIAL SOCIALLY-AWKWARD SNOWFLAKE NOW?! Haha.
    Anyway, I think the reason everyone’s saying they’re bad at adulting is that we’re all terrified of growing up, so we pretend we don’t even though we are constantly doing so even without us noticing.

  7. Being an adult is weird. I’m 26 and still don’t feel like an adult sometimes (aside from you know, all of the daily adult things.. bills, work, etc.)

  8. It is so weird being an adult, I don’t know if I’ll ever actually feel responsible haha even though I do responsible adult things, it’s like I’m just pretending! I guess being an adult is different for everyone and there isn’t really a right or wrong way to do it at all!
    Amy xx

  9. Having a steady job and managing a store is definitely adulting! However, I understand the feeling about being a failure because your life doesn’t look like the “typical” adult life. I don’t think that makes you a failure, but it’s not easy breaking the mold…

  10. You definitely shouldn’t be embarrassed to be single or childless. As long as you’re happy it’s all that matters. I don’t feel like being an adult at least a few times a week ;p

  11. See, it’s the opposite for me. I’m getting married next year, we’re trying for a baby. All these adult things that I perceived as being the epitome of being an adult, and as being the gold standard of adulating I guess, are happening for me and I’m terrified. I have never felt more adult than I do visiting wedding venues, choosing stationery, looking at nursery colour schemes. But I have never felt more terrified either. Adulting is hard. I’m making a commitment to one man, I’m taking on the life-long responsibility of a child. That’s some scary shit right there. When I was 12 and imagining all this, I’m damn sure I never imagined how much responsibility I would take on, how much I would have to do. I think whether you’re single or coupled up, childless or have 3 children, adulating is hard. And I like when people, myself included, talk about that on social media. Because, like you said, it puts that out there. It’s not longer the elephant in the room that my palms are sweating as we talk wedding venues and guest lists! I don’t think you should be embarrassed to be single or childless. Just be you; and be happy. After all, being happy is the most important thing! x

  12. I used to look at adults (people my age) and think they were so responsible—and, honestly, a little boring. I still don’t feel like an adult because I register adulthood as having everything perfectly together—it’s this unattainable stereotype. I love this post and how you discuss the concept of adulting/failing to do so. Part of it is generational… and I think part of it is that those adults we idolized when we were younger did probably drink bottles of wine and ate sweet potato fries at 10am. They just didn’t share it with us 🙂

    Lexi, Lex Be Livin’

  13. you certainly aren’t failing at “adulting” I personally think you’re brilliant and doing life right, of course, it doesnt really matter what I think in the end. But, life’s funny, when I was young it looked like all the adults knew what they were doing but everyone’s just flying by the seat of their pants just trying to get by.

    I didnt think I’d be married with a child, instead I thought I’d have an amazing career or maybe travelling the world but here I am being a housewife (which I love btw, I just didnt think it’d turn out like that). You have to play the hand you’re given. I’m starting to ramble so I’ll stop now, but brilliant post <3

  14. We all see our future grown up self one way and the reality rarely turns out the way we envisaged it. Doesn’t mean you have failed to be an adult. I certainly am not the adult I thought I would be or have the life I thought I would. It’s not a bad thing. Being an adult is overrated. Do what makes you happy, make the most of the opportunities given to you and you can’t go wrong Lucy x

  15. I feel you~
    You should seriously step on my blog and give my ‘adulting mythbusters’ series a read, I feel like we could be best friends after that 😉

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