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How much it costs to live alone.

As most of you know, I moved into my own flat around 2 months ago. I was looking forward to living on my own and…


how much it costs to live alone

As most of you know, I moved into my own flat around 2 months ago.

I was looking forward to living on my own and I knew I would love it, but I was nervous about the cost.

I’ve never lived alone before and always had to split everything two ways or more. As my housemate sorted the utility bills and council tax in our old house and I sorted out rent and the Internet, I had no idea how much things like electricity would cost.

I thought it might be useful to some of you to see how much it costs to live alone. Of course, these rates my vary, but you’ll get a rough idea.

Of course, these rates my vary, but you’ll get a rough idea.

the cost of living alone


£515 a month.

I live in a decent area of Leeds. I actually think I’ve done really well here for how much rent costs me. I have a 2 bedroomed flat on a ground floor with a front garden. There’s also a large garden/courtyard that my kitchen door leads to that is shared between the two flats above me. I’m the only one that uses it as they don’t have direct access like me.

My bedroom isn’t massive, but it’s perfect for me. Just a double bed, wardrobe and bedside table. Simple, bright and clutter-free. The second bedroom is what I use as my office/dressing room as is the bigger room.

I was looking for 2 bedroomed flats or houses and found they were between £450-£550 a month. Most were without a garden and had an open plan kitchen/living room.

Look around to see what you can get for your money. Look in different areas, too. A few miles down the road, things were cheaper but then you sacrifice living in an area that might not be as nice or close to the things you want to be near.

Council Tax.

I HATE COUNCIL TAX. When I knew I was moving, I went on my local council’s website and filled in a simple form saying I was moving from my old address to this address.

A week or so after I had moved here, I had a letter from them outlining how much it would cost. It costs me £947.46 a year in council tax – then I get a 25% reduction for living alone.

You can search online for your council tax band by post code to see how much it would cost.


Water: My current water bill is for 10 months and costs £263.32. This is paid in 2 installments.

Again, when I moved house, I informed Yorkshire Water I was leaving my old house and moving to my current house.

Electricity: I’m on a meter and I am currently using around £18 a month on electricity.

Gas: I have a gas meter too. My water and heating runs on gas it’s currently costing around £15 a month. I expect that to go up when I start using the central heating.


TV Licence: £145.50 a year.

Internet: £30 a month for Internet, a pretty bog standard TV package, and line rental. The package is supposed to be £45 a month, but when I was moving house I called them and spoke to them and they gave me a deal for £30 for 10 months, then £45 a month.

Initial costs:

They’ll be some things you’ll need money for before you move in or at the start.

I had to pay £100 to remove my house from the market. I had to do a tenancy check which cost £16 to process. I then had to pay for a reference from my old letting agents which cost £24. Next, I had to pay around £700 for bond.

Other expenses included things I needed to buy and replace. As I had lived in a shared house for the past 6 or so years, things we had we either bought together or they were old and I wanted to upgrade. I ended up spending around £400 on the following:

  • dinner plates, side plates and bowls.
  • glasses
  • knifes/forks
  • chopping knifes
  • draining board
  • chopping boards
  • oven tray
  • utensils (pizza cutters/large plastic spoons/can openers etc)
  • tea towels
  • bedding
  • hoover
  • toaster
  • kettle
  • iron

Other monthly expenses. 

I’m not going into detail about how much I pay for each of the following, but these are other expenses to take into consideration:

  • Mobile phone bill.
  • Petrol.
  • Car Insurance.
  • Car/Loan payments.
  • Student Loan Repayments.
  • Pension.
  • Food.
  • Contents Insurance.

 how much does it cost to live alone

So that’s how much it costs me to live on my own. Hopefully some of you found this useful.

It’s scary to make the move, but it’s worth it for your own space.

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  1. Aww, the council tax, only Β£100 per month (for us). I hate it too. The rent is ok, similar to the one in Liverpool. When we moved from furnished to unfurnished it was so expensive to buy the washer, dryer, fridge/freezer, vacuum cleaner (a very expensive Dyson, but we have the dog, we need it), the carpet shampooer and all those small things that add up.
    I think is all worth it, as you love where you live and your life is better. xx

  2. I just started living on my own! I LOVE it! It is an adjustment though, can get very quiet at night time. Helpful post πŸ™‚

    Ash | Liakada

  3. I think this is useful to know. I think some stuff doesn’t apply to me being that I live in Canada. It could also be because I have no idea about this stuff. Like council tax doesn’t sound like something we have over here but I have no idea lmao.

  4. As a Londoner, it is absolutely painful to me how much you pay for a two bedroom flat. I pay more than that for one room in a shared flat!

    Nicola //

  5. DASS SHIT A LOT OF MONEY!!!!!!!! When I moved from my step dad’s house, I was terrified by the thought of living on my own and had money issues but then I shifted to my grands house so it’s like I didn’t really have to pay for the necessities. However, my own expenses (going out, personal stuff, transport etc) cost fairly a lot in contrast to whatever I earn. Being on your own is so frikin’ hard but I MUST agree it’s really worth it.

  6. Just curious about the council tax. What is the point of it exactly? Reading your blog in the u.s and I am not familiar with this.

  7. Very interesting! I’m curious about the council tax, too. In the U.S. there’s a property tax if you own your own home and some neighborhoods have association fees.

  8. I live alone too, it’s been about 18 months now. I live in quite a pricey area and I’ve got a little 2 bed house, it does cost a huge chunk of what I earn but it is well worth it and I can still afford to do all that I want to do. Plus I live a 5 minute walk from work so no commute, which is the best part in my opinion ha. I didn’t really enjoy living with other people and love my own space and would definitely recommend living alone if you can afford to.



  9. I so would love to live alone, but my mother won’t let me seeing as I’m still battling depression and she’s afraid to let me go, lol.

  10. I would love to move out and rent but I feel like it’s a waste of money! However, I can’t get a mortgage, I have no savings so I can’t really win! I bet it feels so good to live on your own! I’d find it so scary though! Good luck with everything in your new flat! It’s really not easy when you have extra add ons like car, phones etc but it looks like you have been very organised! πŸ™‚ Xx

  11. I really wish my electricity was on a meter, the amount we pay is ridiculous and I have done everything short of living by candlelight to get the damn bill down. I really miss gas, I miss a gas hob and I miss central heating. We have these useless electric heaters that cost a bomb and our windows are NOT insulated properly so all the heat just escapes right out!

    Sarah πŸ™‚
    Saloca in Wonderland

  12. I was shocked just moving out with my partner and splitting it in two. I don’t know how I’d manage to do it on my own!!! I have too much stuff for just two bedrooms aha. Great post! Puts it all into perspective and will help a lot of new renters πŸ™‚ I’m in Leeds too… where abouts are you in Leeds?

  13. Having my own flat is something I’ve always wanted and I really really wish I can afford it in a few years. I’m still studying and I’m not working but once I finish Uni I’m hoping (fingers crossed because it’s freaking hard) to get a job and be able to move out but when I see bills and I actually think of how much it would cost, it seems impossible! In my opinion, being able to live by yourself is a huge achievement, well done! πŸ™‚

  14. I’ve just moved into a flat by myself after years of splitting the cost both ways and it is SO expensive. Council tax is now the bane of my existence too. The expense is definitely worth it though as I get such a huge amount of satisfaction knowing that I’m doing all of this by myself and have so much independence. I’m very jealous of how little you spend on rent though – my tiny one bed in Manchester costs me Β£700 a month! :O

  15. When we moved from Sheffield to the South Coast pretty much everything was more expensive except for our water bill which has halved!

  16. I’ve never lived on my own, though I feel like I would do rather well in that department. First I lived with my mum and sister, then it was with my partner in a two-bedroom apartment with another guy who then began to sublet the living room out to another couple. It caused conflict so we moved out and got a place of our own. We had to move out mere months later because the landlord failed to keep on top of their mortgage repayment, so we moved into mum’s house while we looked for jobs (my partner was made redundant while I had quit mine). We ended up moving into a tiny one bedroom unit that failed to meet safety regulations and didn’t have windows, a proper exit or even adequate ventilation. Finally we moved into a two bedroom unit with a friend. He moved out a couple of months ago and now we’re living alone again with our two cats.

    I know exactly how expensive living out of home is, it’s crazy what with all the utilities, rent, transport (public and private), homewares, food etc. I also had to buy a Dyson hoover/vacuum as well as a brand new fridge, and that almost made me cry with how much it cost! However, compared to living with a housemate that drove me bonkers and my two very crazy family members, living alone with my partner is better.

    Stephii Mattea xx

  17. I’m sure this will be a really helpful post to many. I actually have never lived alone; moved out of my family home into a house share with 4 other girls for uni, then in with my now fiancΓ©. So I’d honestly have no clue what to expect cost wise if I were ever to live on my own. There’s a lot more to think about than I ever thought, haha! xx

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