The straighteners that singed my hair

I’ll be honest, this isn’t a post that I’m happy about writing. I like to keep this blog honest in all aspects. I’ve no issue giving…


I’ll be honest, this isn’t a post that I’m happy about writing. I like to keep this blog honest in all aspects. I’ve no issue giving my true feelings on a product, even if it was gifted.

Back in May, I was sent a pair of Irresistible Me Diamond Straighteners.

Irresistible Me Diamond Hair Straighteners review

I was in love from the first time I used them.

They were the only pair of straighteners that worked better than GHD’s. The did what GHD’s did, but better and for longer. I could straighten my hair once with these in half the time it takes me with GHD’s and it would stay straight and smooth until the next wash.

Naturally, in the review I wrote, I highly recommended them. Because I loved them. From the moment I used them, I stuck my loyal GHD’s under the bed and only used these Irresistible ones.

Until August.

One evening, I turned the straighteners on as usual. I waited for them to heat up and put them on my hair. I heard a sizzle and then came the smell of burnt hair. At first, I thought I had maybe just caught a wet bit, so applied the plates to my hair again and the same noise and smell happened.

I tried to turn the temperature down and it still happened.

I looked at the section of hair I had just straightened and saw how awful it looked. Parts snapped off and there was visible damage. The hair was now like straw, split and snapping away.

I turned them off straight away.

A few days later, I noticed that one of the plates were coming away. I picked them up and bits dropped out. You could clearly see the damage.

From the looks of it, the straighteners had overheated and melted. Causing damage to both my hair and themselves.

This could have been a fault in just this batch or pair and there have been reports of GHD’s doing the same thing. Straighteners can be dangerous and even cause fires. So please be careful when you’re buying them. Stick to brands you trust and never, ever leave them on unattended or plugged in!


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  1. Wow. What a lucky escape. That could have been so much worse if you hadn’t noticed. I know people who always forget to turn their straighteners off!!

  2. Oh my goodness, that’s horrible!! I would be super annoyed with this as I hate burning myself with these things and that totally came apart. How crazy!! x

  3. Oh gosh, sorry your hair got burnt! A similar thing happened to me with some really old curling tongs. I now stick to brands I’ve heard of! x

  4. Blimey that’s so dangerous, if you had left them unattended they could have ended up on fire! It’s all well and good trying new things, but sometimes there’s a reason we stick to tried and true!

    Sarah 🙂

  5. Oh no, how scary! I’m glad you didn’t leave them unattended and I’m hoping that your hair isn’t too damaged. You got really lucky that they didn’t cause a fire. Thank you for sharing, I’m almost always straightening my hair now as it means I can get a couple of days from that one styling session. I have mistakenly left my straighteners plugged in and turned on once but they turned themselves off thankfully. This is a good reminder to be more careful with mine!

  6. I love honesty, so many people review products and give bull shut about their experience. Not great that the plate came away they could be a faulty pair but your poor hair Lucy X

  7. How scary!Ive owned the same £30 straighteners for years now and they’ve never over heated or singed my hair.Can you imagine if you’d left them unattended,thank you for the warning.Definitely stick to well known brands when it comes to potentially hazardous products.Thanks for warning us Xx

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