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You won’t believe what happened when we dyed India’s hair pink

LOL click bait. What do you think happens when you get 4 other bloggers to come around to your flat on a Saturday night for…


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LOL click bait.

What do you think happens when you get 4 other bloggers to come around to your flat on a Saturday night for wine and cheese?

If your answer was: lot’s of snap chats, vlogging and turning one of the bloggers into a unicorn, then you were right.

Well done.

Last Friday I had a few of my best blogging buddies over to my house. There was a lot of cheese.

So much so that I had a friend over on Saturday night and we had left over cheese both Saturday and Sunday. But there’s still cheese for days in my fridge. Oh no.

India had decided to dye her hair pink. So we did that. Because bloggers and unicorns and all that. I watched in awe as I’m very inexperienced when it comes to dyeing hair.

You’ll have to excuse the low quality photos, I didn’t decide to blog about it until afterwards so these are all random shots taken on phones. Doom.

Also excuse the photo where we played the game of ‘who has most chins’. We’re pretty.

Also the last picture is the mess the morning after.

Also I was really hungover the day after.

Also there’s a vlog below.

Also please tell me your favourite cheese.

Also thank you.

wine and cheese night

cheesenight cheesenight2 cheese3 cheese5 cheese4

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  1. Seriously it looks like you had an amazing night! After a night like that, you just gonna have to ignore the mess 🙂 Also no wonder why you still have so much cheese, your fridge was full of cheese 🙂 x

  2. Looks like you guys had a great time, I wish my best blogger friends lived in the same city as I do! And I’m not a huge cheese fan, but I spy a can of Pringles and that’s one of my biggest addictions haha 🙂

  3. What a fun night it looks like you girls had! I always have cheese in my fridge too as I like to snack on it. My favorite cheese is currently provolone. Ask me again next week and the answer could be different ;p

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