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How to tell if you grew up in the 90’s

It’s mental to me that some people who are now classed as adults won’t even remember the 90’s. For me, it was my childhood and…


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It’s mental to me that some people who are now classed as adults won’t even remember the 90’s. For me, it was my childhood and early teens, aged 4-14. I remember the turn of the Millenium. My Mum let me drink at a family party. Bacardi and coke. Yuck.

Anyway, these are some things you’ll probably remember if you too grew up in the 90’s.

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Recorded the top 40 songs on Sunday.

The top 40 Pepsi chart – I used to listen to it all and record it on tape. Then spend ages recording it from one tape to another to edit out the adverts.

I thought I was proper hip knowing all the chart music!

Play Curby.

I still don’t exactly know the rules for this, but throwing the ball at the curb. Y tho?

Buy 10p ice pops and crisps.

During the summer holiday, I remember begging my Mum and Dad for 20p so I could go to the shop with my friends and buy a 10p bag of Space Rangers or Puffs and a blue raspberry ice lolly. They said no most of the times and I had to just sit and watch my friends it theirs. Doom.

Could walk the dog with a yoyo.

I remember yoyo’s come in fashion in around year 8. The one’s that you could spin at the bottom and make it walk forwards and backwards like a dog. They lit up, too.

A boy I used to go out with tried the ‘around the world’ trick and hit me in the nose with his.

Spend Saturday afternoon in Woolworths.

The toy section of Woolworths was the best place in town. There was a massive play train thing in ours, we used to pay our 35p child bus fair every Saturday, go in and play with all the toys. The staff must have hated us.

After, we would go to Mc Donalds and get a Big Mac Meal. I could eat a Big Mac in 3 bites. It was my party trick.

Collected marbles.

Remember steelies? Or cats eyes? What about spotted dicks?

I had the biggest golden steelie one that I got from Devon on holiday one year. I thought I was the coolest kid on the block. I was not.

Watched SMTV live.

9:25 every Saturday morning I’d be up in time to watch Ant, Dec and Cat on SMTV live. Singing Mr Postman, their search for the biggest crisp and CHUMS.

Thought the world would end. 

Nostradamus predicted the world would and in July 1999. Then there were many theories that it would end at midnight on Jan 1st 2000.

We had many debates about it at school, imagining some man with a button ready to blow up the world.

I wondered what time zone he lived in and braced myself hourly.

Watched Rugrats.

I think I’ve seen every episode 500 times of Tommy and his baby friends. What an annoying show. And Sister Sister, Kenan and Kel, Pete and Pete.. All the Nick shows!

Saturday Night TV.

Saturday night TV used to be pretty fab. We used to go to the shop to be a quarter of Yorkshire mixture or dolly mix and sit in front of the TV watching Mr Blobby on Noel’s House Party, Gladiators, Blind Date and Casualty. It was the best. Although Casualty used to always make me anxious because you knew something bad was about to happen.

Were you a 90’s child? What do you remember?

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  1. HA this great. Took me right back! Especially Cat Deeley, I was OBSESSED by her haha but then what little girl wasn’t?! Great post xx

  2. OMG I am such a child of the 90’s – listening to Dr Fox on the charts on a Sunday night, watching TOTP, I remember Going Live and Gordon the Gopher (and Phillip Schofield before he turned into the Silver Fox)… Oh and cutting the lyrics out of Smash Hits Magazine and rushing home to watch Donna Air on MTV Select!

    Take me back!

    Emma |

  3. Oooh 90s, I loved them so much even though I was just a kid back then! Yes to collecting marbles, spending weekends watching MTV charts and recording my favourite videos on tape, weird style combinations, ice pops and some very trashy candy…don’t even get me started on the excitement about the start of 2000! This post brough a big smile on my face! 😀

  4. The 90’s were great weren’t they…
    My Saturday afternoon in Woolworths were spent buying the latest singles on cassette even though I had recorded them on a Sunday…lol Fab memories.
    I used to love SMTV live….Kids now a days are so hard done to having no proper Saturday morning TV x

  5. When 10p sweets actually cost 10p! I don’t think there’s a single thing in the sweet shop you can even buy for that now! Remember when a Freddo or a Taz was 10p? No wonder I used to feel so rich, a £1 a week got you a frickin truck load! I used to be obsessed with Smash Hits magazine too, and Bliss, thinking it would show me how to be a girl haha!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  6. Oh how I remember all of this.. I was 7 in 1990..
    They definitely need to get SMTV back, there just isn’t anything like it anymore. I used to video it when I knew my favourite artists would be on and learn the dance routines to Britney, NSync, A1, etc.. I actually still know part of the dance to NSync’s Bye Bye Bye!.. (I’m a hoot when all the ‘party’ songs come


  7. Loved reading this post haha, I used to love SM:TV, I was even in the audience at one point standing up on the stairs part at the top (you know where they used to sit) being made to hold some banner with a few people lol.

    Claire ||

  8. I remember it all! I love the SMTVlive, then CDUK on after it. Ant and Dec will always be the best thanks to CHUMS. SO GOOD! haha and I loved woolies, I still remember buying a toy monkey from there, and I loved it, it was like a baby, and I used to push it around in a pram lol

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  9. I suppose it would have been wise of me to remember we’re from different countries when opening this I do remember some of it though, especially Rugrats. I was OBSESSED with Rugrats!

  10. Haha this post is brilliant! I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one who recorded the top 40 onto a tape! And yes to ice pops in the summer, do shops even sell them anymore?! I hope so otherwise the kids of today are totally missing out!
    Amy xx

  11. Ahahahahahaa,YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSS to all this except curbies- what are they!??!?!??!!!
    10p crisps and Ice-polls RULE!

  12. All these things! Imagine going to a shop now and buy like 30 penny sweets! If only! And Woolworths, damn I forgot that existed. I still watch Casualty and I still love it haha.

  13. Ah so much nostalgia. I was a 90’s kid! I miss it, and remember it fondly. Ice lollies that stained your tongue blue, 1penny sweets, and Saturday morning cartoons were the best bits. My partner and I keep part of our 90’s childhood alive – Saturday night (or the next night, if we’re out) is Casualty and sweet treat night! Haha x

  14. Thinking the world would end… YES. I was terrified that New Years Eve, I remember it so well. I was convinced the world was going to blow up as soon as the ball dropped in NYC.

    Rugrats was one of my favorite shows, as well as the other ones you list. Nick shows were the BEST.

    Lexi, Lex Be Livin’

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