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#socialbloggers 118 // Great Blogging Debates

There are many debates in blogging. Wrong and right ways to do things. Most of us have some form of opinion on them and it’s…



There are many debates in blogging. Wrong and right ways to do things. Most of us have some form of opinion on them and it’s fun to hear other peoples thoughts.

Whether it’s buying followers, following loads of people then unfollowing when they follow back or working with brands that don’t suit the tone of your blog for some extra cash.

I’d love to hear some of your thoughts on these topics!

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Q1: Would you work with a brand for no compensation?

Q2: Do you unfollow your non-followers on social media?

Q3: Does having a schedule take the fun out of blogging?

Q4: Would you accept cash for do-follow links?

Q5: Would you consider buying followers?

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  1. It’s an interesting debate. I wouldn’t work with a brand for free, I will review an item if I like it (even if it’s only £2-£3), but I wouldn’t promote anything for free. I don’t unfollow my non-followers, but I “review” the accounts I’m following and I might unfollow if they changed the things they post about.

  2. I’m not sure I know if everyone has the same definition for buying followers. Buying followers to me is when you pay to get followers that aren’t real. Fake. Not real people. But I wonder if people are talking about paying to promote their Facebook pages or posts for example with the POSSIBILITY that people will follow the page given the increased exposure. In which case, I don’t see an ethical problem with that. Thoughts?

    1. I LOVE THIS. It’s kind of like, is there a difference between that and holding a competition and asking for follows as an entry?

  3. I’m intrigued by the whole buying followers thing. Does it work? Do page views increase? Do more brands want to work with you? I don’t like the idea of buying followers, but I have noticed that when people think you are popular more people will start to follow you on their own.

  4. I’ve worked with a few brands before with no compensation and the reason for that is because it builds a relationship between me and that brand, increasing the chance of further collaborations with big compensations the next time around. I also DON’T unfollow people who don’t follow me back. When I follow someone, it’s because I like their posts and not because I want them to like mine.

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