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#socialbloggers 117 // If your blog was a movie…

Haa, if your blog was a movie. What a fun topic. I think if my blog was a movie, it would be a cross between…


your blog as a movie

Haa, if your blog was a movie. What a fun topic.

I think if my blog was a movie, it would be a cross between the TV shows New Girl and Kimmy Schmidt. It would be awkward and hopefully the type of movie you could watch when you’re not feeling great to make you feel better about yourself. LOL.

It would probably be full of stupid drunk moments but the end message would be that you can do what you want. It doesn’t matter if you’re a little different. The only thing that’s important is that you stick to your morals and don’t be a DICK TO PEOPLE.

What about your blog?

Copy of 2016 (25)

Q1: If you could turn your blog into a movie, what do you think its ‘storyline’ would be?

Q2: If you could cast a blogger or two in your blog movie, who would you pick?

Q3: Is there any song you would like to add in your blog movie?

Q4: What would you want people to learn from your blog movie?

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  1. Ah this is such a cool topic and I loved reading everyone’s answers – they were all so different, but all so uplifting too! I loved your answer too, and while I’m still yet to see New Girl and Kimmy Schmidt (don’t be mad at me!) I can definitely see the link, as your blog is always fun and upbeat and from all of the trailers I’ve seen for both shows, it goes so well. I’d hope that mine would be one to take you on interesting adventures and explorations, with just a hint of the whimsical too! – Tasha

  2. This is such an awesome topic, and I LOVE that your blog would be a mix between New Girl and Kimmy Schmidt. Now that you say it I totally see it.

    Lexi, Lex Be Livinโ€™

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