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#socialbloggers 115 // Content Creation

I think most of us have a process when we’re creating blog posts. Some like to take photos first and then write the content around…


blog content creation

I think most of us have a process when we’re creating blog posts. Some like to take photos first and then write the content around it, others write the post then put the photos in. Some people have drafts, ideas, a calendar others just wing it.

While different things work for different people, it’s always fun to see how others are doing it.

How is your content creation process?

blog content creation

Q1: Describe your blog’s content creation process – include photography, writing, errrrythaaang bbs

Q2: what’s your most and least favorite part of content creation? I won’t be surprised if least fave is brainstorming

Q3: what are your must-have items in the content creation process? Mine’s my iPhone, a notebook with a black-ink pen & SOME TEA

Q4: give us your best, fool-proof-they-will-save-ur-life kinda content creation tips GOOO

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  1. It’s a fascinating subject. I mainly blog about my life, so taking pictures is not a chore, as we would have taken them anyway (and by we I mean mostly my husband). Having a schedule is annoying sometimes, but I need the structure.

  2. First I decide what I want to write about then I either write the post first then the photo or the other way around. I can’t just take photos without having anything in mind. I like writing and taking photos but the least thing I like is arranging all the things like scheduling and so on 🙂 x

  3. I usually take pictures and then the idea of creating my content comes from daily life, maybe something that I saw or experience and it turned into a story for the blog. I love writing the content but absolutely hate taking pictures and editing, so lazy. LOL!

  4. I am genuinely fascinated by how people blog, it all differs so much. I often find myself trying to blog in different ways after reading other bloggers methods. I still come back to my usual method though – think of the topic, write the post, take the pictures, begrudgingly edit them, then kill my internet trying to upload them!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

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