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Scrub love, the mint coffee scrub that will blow your mind

I had an e-mail a few week back about trying out Scrub Love. I didn’t know what to expect as I’m not a fan of…


Scrub love mint temptation

I had an e-mail a few week back about trying out Scrub Love. I didn’t know what to expect as I’m not a fan of scrubs. I just hate the feel of having bitty things on my body and face.

I wasn’t sure which one I was getting, either. There’s three types: Original, mint and coconut. I was sent the mint one.

The idea behind coffee scrubs is that coffee is a great exfoliator, it’s natural way of removing dead skin cells and also helps to boost circulation – which is great for healing problem skin.

The mint one I was sent has tea tree oil, argan oil and mint so it’s a great way to moisturise and improve circulation.

A word of warning – this is messy! It reminds me a bit of wet tobacco or textured dirt in how it feels. I’m sure you can imagine, as it’s made of coffee, when it contacts water it spreads and runs brown. I used this in the shower and needed to wash it down afterwards. I also found it quite hard to wash off my skin.

But the smell. THE SMELL.

I’m saving this for when I have a cold because this bad boy totally got into all my senses. It made my whole bathroom smell of mint and I imagine when you’re feeling stuffy, this is going to unblock all!

It did make my skin feel soft, but it’s the smell that really did it for me.

If you’re planning on trying this, please get the mint!

Scrub love mint temptation Scrub love mint temptation Scrub love mint temptation Scrub love mint temptation

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  1. I love a good scrub! I keep toying with the idea of making my own, I go through so many! I probably do it at least twice a week, I just have this thing about smooth skin and exfoliation haha! Sounds like this one smells great, I love anything with a fresh minty smell, just a shame about the intense clean up session afterwards!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  2. I’m getting really into scrubs now, I am using a sugar baby one just now which I am in love with! It’s smells and feels awesome! will need to check out this minty one next though, I love the smell of mint, so so nice!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  3. I love a good coffee scrub and 99% of the time, I make it myself(Friday’s post haha)! It is so easy to make and I already have so many coffee pods to use, instead of throwing them I use them for the scrub! I never tried the one with mint tho, mine is always with coconut! Coconut&coffee smell mixture is fab! x

  4. I love scrubs! I’m glad to see you (might?) be a new convert!

    I’m actually using an exfoliating coffee-mint soap right now and it is amazinggg. If you don’t like scrubs, you should try to find a exfoliating bar that you like!


  5. I like you am not a great fan of scrubs, mainly because of the mess but they do wonders for my skin so it’s a difficult one. Coffee is an interesting idea as an exfoliate and with a mint smell I would imagine that this is a great product. Lucy x

  6. I freaking love coffee scrubs and most of the time that’s what I go for! You definitely sold me to try the mint one and I’m a huge fan of anything minty in general.

  7. I’ve seen coffee scrubs EVERYWHERE! This mint one sound like absolute heaven I love the smell of mint *heart eyes* I don’t mind the mess either, I’ll just pretend I’m covered in cake mixture or something haha ;P

    Rai |

  8. Oh this sounds heavenly. I do love a good scrub! Not so sure about that packaging though – I’m not a fan of using packets like that!

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