#MyYorkshirePhoto at Kirkstall Abbey

kirkstall abbey

I love where I live. It’s got everything I need close by, my gym, a big Morrisons, clothes shops. I am like 6 houses down from the corner shop and a pharmacy. It’s a pretty convenient place to live.

It’s pretty, too. I’ll never move out of Kirkstall. One of the main reasons is Kirkstall Abbey.

Kirkstall Abbey means a lot to me for many reasons. Not only have I spent plenty of afternoons there, sat a blanket with a bottle of wine and a Good friend, but it’s a bit symbolic to the start of my fitness journey.

In 2013 I moved to this side of Leeds. I decided one day I wanted to go for a run. So I did. I ran up Kirkstall road and came across the Abbey, not aware it was so close to where I was living. Running to the Abbey, around it two times and then back was exactly 5km.

I loved it. Getting to the Abbey and running around it – being in such a beautiful place just makes running all that funner.

I’ve moved house twice since then, each time getting close to Abbey. Or My Abbey, as I call it.

I always take people there when they visit. When my parents came up for my birthday I took them we went around the Abbey House Museum which is across the road from it. I love it.

When I was asked to join in on the #MyYorkshirePhoto campaign to take a photo in my favourite location with an Instax camera they sent me in Yorkshire, there was no doubt in my mind that this is where I wanted to go.

I know I’ve posted about Kirkstall Abbey before, but I just love it.

You can check out some other dreamy locations in Yorkshire here. Though I’m sad to say My Abbey didn’t make the cut!

#MyYorkshirePhoto at Kirkstall Abbey

#MyYorkshirePhoto at Kirkstall Abbey

#MyYorkshirePhoto at Kirkstall Abbey

#MyYorkshirePhoto at Kirkstall Abbey

#MyYorkshirePhoto at Kirkstall Abbey

#MyYorkshirePhoto at Kirkstall Abbey

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