The many uses for essential oils

I have never really know how to use essential oils. The first time I tried them was a couple of years ago when I bought a…


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I have never really know how to use essential oils. The first time I tried them was a couple of years ago when I bought a humidifier for my room as I thought it would help how dry my throat and mouth gets during the night. It didn’t help. But putting essential oil in it smelt lovely.

Since then, I’ve not really bothered with them until I got an e-mail asking if I’d like to pick 5 essential oils to yes. I said YUS. Then started the investigation on ways to use them. So let’s have a look. So thanks, Buff & Butter, for letting me experiment with these now oils. To check out their range, just click here.

The many uses for essential oils

  • As a cleaner. Mixing together lemon and tea tree oil with water can act as an antibacterial surface cleaner.
  • In your washing machine. Add 10-20 drops to your load to make your clothes smell lovely.
  • In your vacuum. Add 5-10 drops to your vacuum cleaner.
  • On burnt pans. Use lemon oil on burnt pans with boiling water to clean them right up.
  • To relax. Use lavender oil to ease stress, tension and anxiety.
  • A fresh bin. Put lemon oil and tea tree oil on a cotton ball at the bottom of your bin to keep it smelling fresh.
  • As a dish washer. Use lemon oil to give your dishes a spot free clean.
  • A detox bath. Use lavender, sea salts and epson salts together in a bath for a relaxing before bed treat.
  • Mint hot chocolate. Add 2-3 drops of peppermint oil to hot chocolate for a minty twist.
  • Freshen your breath. Use a few drops of peppermint oil to freshen your gammy mouth, you dirty cow.
  • Freshen your body. Use 5-10 drops of your favourite scent to 100ml of water for a body spray.
  • Reduce stretch marks. Mix five drops of frankincense, myrrh and grapefruit essential oils with coconut oil and apply to stretch marks.

The many uses for essential oils

The many uses for essential oils

That’s just a few of the the many uses for essential oils. What are your favourites?

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  1. I use a few essential oils, but mostly for skin&haircare and never thought about using them for something else. I might need lemon oil as I keep burning the pans all the time 🙂 Thanks for telling the uses of these essential oils! x

  2. Recently discovered your blog through Twitter after you mentioned you recently started living on your own I believe? And also I read your 70 something things you learned from blogging for 3 years.

    Anyway, I like that you gave several ideas for how to use essential oils plus how-tos. Nice.

  3. I keep seeing people use essential oils, and I know I will love it… I should really try it! lol

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  4. Ooogh, I like these uses. I want to try the hot choc one!!! We use Eucalptus in our oil burner with water and it makes the room smell lovely! Mmmm!
    My Mum makes amazing face creams and room and body sprays with essential oils!

  5. I love essential oils for wellness. Peppermint is so great for alleviating headaches and I regularly diffuse a lavender/chamomile blend for relaxation or citrus for energy.

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