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Glossybox August 2016 // the LOL edition

I decided to call the August Glossybox the LOL edition because of the shitty fucking makeup bag. But we’ll get to that and the end…


Glossybox August 2016

I decided to call the August Glossybox the LOL edition because of the shitty fucking makeup bag. But we’ll get to that and the end of the post. You’re gonna piss your pants when you see it. Glossybox, I’m sorry. Buttttttttt, it’s a bit of a joke.

Can I get a drum roll please?

OKAY HERE GOES. ddddddddddddd. I don’t know what to type to make a drum roll. Let me Google it. BRB.

Oh dear. Google failed me. The best it could come up with was *drumroll*. So I’ll guess we’ll go with that. Sorry.


Glossybox August 2016

Glossybox August 2016 cow shed wild cow

WildCow Invigoration Body Lotion.

We know how we feel about body lotion. WE FEEL BAD ABOUT IT. It’s boring. Although this one smells nice. It wiffs of Lemongrass, Ginger and Rosemary. But it’s still boring. I rub it on my body ohh this the most fun I’ve had in years. IM KIDDING ITS BORING AND I HATE IT.

This was a sample size. Thank God for that. The full size is worth twenty quid apparently. Oh dear.


Glossybox August 2016 mudmasky

Mudmasky Facial Detox Purifying Recovery Mask

I love face masks, but I’m too lazy to actually apply them. The story of my life is intending to do things that are good for me and my body, but not actually doing them because I’m lazy. Pants.

Anyway, this has all-natural ingredients and contains no parabens. It’s great for detoxifying your skin and will refine and tighten pores as well as hydrate, brighten and smooth skin.


Glossybox August 2016 MUA glitterball Glossybox August 2016 MUA glitterball Glossybox August 2016 MUA glitterball

MUA Eyeshadow Palette.

Apparently, you could pick which one you wanted but I missed the memo. I always do. I was sent the Glitterball one which I’m really happy with. I did get a MUA undressed palette in a previous Glossybox and it’s become my go-to palette on a daily basic now that my Naked 3 has hit pan in all the wrong places.

This little beauty is stunning. I’m in love with it. It’s so pigmented and I’ll probably do a separate post on it. LOVE. ENJOY. DO LIKE.


Glossybox August 2016 Glossybox August 2016  Glossybox August 2016

Spa To You Deep Pore Facial Cleaning Bush

I love these types of brushes, although I’ve only ever seen the battery powered ones. This is great for me because I’m way too lazy to charge.

These brushes help to buff away dead skin cells and keep your face feeling soft and silky. The brushing is also said to help improve circulation in the face which has about a million benefits but I can’t remember one of them right now because I’m drunk.

I’ll be using this. Thumbs up.


Glossybox August 2016 rae feather Glossybox August 2016 pochette rae feather

Rae Feather Mini Monogram Pochette.

LOL. POCHETTE. Fuck you pochette. This is the worst thing ever. It’s apparently by a super duper sought after brand that’s popular with fashion bloggers and celebs. Well, I’m those things and I’ve never heard of it. Okay, I’m not any of these things but I read a lot of blogs and I’ve never come across Rae Feather.

Rae Feather needs to get a reality check. So do Glossybox. Because they have sewn together this really cheap looking canvas bag that has hole in it and 3 strings hanging out, stuck on a cheap looking GLOSSYBOX logo and rekon it’s worth twenty pounds. TWENTY OF YOUR GOOD BRITISH POUNDS.

I wouldn’t pay £2 for this pochette.


HAHAH. I can’t even end this properly.

I did a video of an unboxing, too. Watch it here:

YAY palette and face brush. The rest is no.

Untitled3 copy
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  1. The pouch is so cheap looking and poorly made, £20?! Why £20?! The mask looks interesting and that cleaning brush.

  2. Wow that pouch looks a bit shit. And when I say a bit, I think my cat could have sewed it up better. Oh dear. Love the MUA palette though, super pretty 🙂 x

  3. It has been a long time since I have seen a good and worth it GlossyBox and this is not one. I have never heard of Rae Feather either, perhaps is an american brand… It is kinda shitty of them to include one that is not even in mint condition. You should definitely complain, even f you re not interested in getting a new one. They need to know and be more careful in the future. (plus I have heard of a few people getting extra stuff to shut them up when things like these happened…). Cow Shed on the other hand is a good brand, but I totally get your thoughts on using lotion. Overall, I am sorry that you did not like many of the products, but enjoyed reading your more than honest review.

    1. I’ve never heard of cow shed before! It was really bad of them to include it, esp as it was damaged. I might Tweet them!

  4. I felt exactly the same about the pouch! It was a load of crap!!
    There was no point in picking the MUA palettes, a technial error meant no-one got the palette they picked!

    Steph x

    1. A technical error? That’s a bit of an awkward thing for them, then. They always make a big deal about being able to pick products!

  5. Every time I think about subscribing to Glossybox I read a post like this and then back right off. I thought a beauty box was meant to be a box of joy, not disappointment.

  6. I love you, and I love your videos! And I love your explanation of the pouchette. HA! Still laughing lol You should really unsubscribe, they suck. #everyonehatesbodylotion

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  7. You got a really varied box. I’m glad you like the palette the colours look supper bright but pretty colours. The pore facial brush looks interesting Lucy x

  8. For me, the LOL bit came when I saw that a brand is seriously charging £53 for a MUD MASK. I wouldn’t even pay over a fiver for one!

    I would love a post on that palette, the colours are beaut!

  9. mate, so unhappy with this box. It didn’t seem like a ‘birthday’ box at all. That bag is awful. What did Rae do, design it on word? I thought they did really well the last two months. BAH HUMBUG

  10. I CAN’T COPE! You’re hilarious! I don’t think I’d buy Glossybox due to so many negative posts from so many people! Your video is brill! Xx

  11. Ha, that bag is awful!!!!! £20- not!!! Oh and I love your reaction to Body Lotion- I am the same!!! I look forward to your montly-slagging off Glossybox!!

  12. Oh my actual god. Have you used the brush yet? I swear it took half my face off. It’s so painful and rough!! No way that’s going near my face again! Xx

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