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Bae got personal and shared a smile with me

A few days ago, my old housemate texted me to say there was a massive package for me at the old house. WHAT! I had…


getting personal gifts

A few days ago, my old housemate texted me to say there was a massive package for me at the old house. WHAT! I had no idea what it could be. I went and picked it up after work and found a bright orange box on the table.

Inside the box was a black bag with 2 orange packages inside. I saw the logo and then remembered!

A few weeks ago, I had an e-mail from Getting Personal – a website dedicated to personalised gifts. I was to pick a blogger from a list of bloggers and send her a personalised present. I picked my blogger RIGHT AWAY, sent off the email and totally forgot about it!

Hayley was the blogger who picked out my gifts. This girl knows me well, so totally got me exactly would I would have got! I’m sure you remember my wine and cheese night a couple weeks ago, that Hayley actually came to!

She picked out a cheese board with my blog name carved in it and a bottle of wine with photos of us. Also the classic ‘send nudes’  – which is something I often request from my friends. I’m such a womaniser.

If you’re looking for a snazzy gift, then the site is work getting out. Getting Personal does some really lovely items, not just your cheesy novelty bits and bobs!

getting personal gifts

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  1. It does seem that the person who send the gifts knows you well 🙂 The gifts are lovely! I have not heard of the site before, but I will definitely check it out the next time I intend to send someone something special. Personalised gifts are simply the best.

  2. How sweet, thoughtful and beautiful! The photos on the bottle’s label are fabulous. I love the “EST 2012 Skinnedcartree’s CHEESE BOARD and cheese implements as well.

  3. That cheeseboard is so awesome! What lovely gifts for your new home! This sounds like a service worth checking out.

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