Play with your food again with Walker’s Bugles

walkers bugles

BUGLES. Have you seen that advert with the girl in the lift and she has them on her hand like a claw? What a fun snack.

Well, that’s not the only way you can get creative with the new Walkers snacks.

Jacqui Kelly created a 5’8 dragon out of Bugles. WHAT? It took over 200 hours and 21, 500 to make it. I did sit down and try to make something myself, but it just turned out to be a long stack of Bugles that eventually fell apart. I’m just not that creative.

Walker's Bugles

Fun aside, though. The new snacks are delicious. Walker’s sent me a packet of each flavour to try. They have such a crunch to them and can’t of remind me of Wheat Crunchies in texture and flavour.

I ate a full bag in one day. Doom. I can never put down a salty snack. NEVER.

Have you tried them yet?

Walker's Bugles Walker's Bugles Walker's Bugles Walker's Bugles Walker's Bugles

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