How I look after my long hair

How I look after my long hair

My hair is longer than yours. Okay, maybe that doesn’t apply to some of you, but generally, I have longer hair than most.

It’s also thick, frizzy, wavy and hard to manage. It’s taken me a long time to tailor my hair care routine for one that works for me, but I think I’ve finally done it.

How I look after my long hair

How I look after my long hair

Here are the products I use and how they help me:

Tangle Teezer.

These have been around for years, but it’s only recently that I’ve jumped on the bandwagon.

I dread brushing my hair, especially when it’s wet. The Tangle Teezer really stops that tugging and pulling. When using a normal brush, I have to hold my hair so it doesn’t hurt my scalp and then firmly pull a brush through some areas several times – it’s painful. But this makes it so much easier to get rid of those knots.

My Tangle Teezer* is the original in Sherbert Lemon. You can even get pug ones now!

Organix Morrocan Argan Oil 

I’ve been using this for years, I just use the smallest drop on my ends and I find it prevents my hair getting frizzy after I’ve styled it. I have the type of hair that will just inflate to 3 times the size once rain or the wind get’s involved!

Irresistible Me Diamond Hair Straighteners. 

I wrote a full post on these straighteners.

I just want to announce that now, two months down the line, I’m still using these instead of my GHDs. I never thought I would get a better pair than GHD but these are so good.

When I wash my hair, I let it dry naturally, then straighten it with these. After that, I don’t need to straighten again until the next time I wash it. I found with GHDs I was having to go over my hair every morning, even if I hadn’t washed it.

Neutrogena T-Gel.

About 3 years ago, I started to get a really flaky scalp. It really got me down because I couldn’t seem to get rid of it. It was itchy and I would find myself picking off big chunks. Gross.

Even when I washed my hair, there were still bits visible and I spent a lot of time in the toilets at work trying to pick out the obvious bits, patting my hair to remove them or at least hid it.

I tried all sorts. Coconut oil and baby oil was recommended to me, but that just left my hair looking and feeling greasy. Head and shoulders and other shampoos weren’t cutting it.

I almost burst into tears one day when someone said ‘you’ve got something in your hair’. I felt dirty and gross.

Then I discovered Nizoral, which is an over the counter anti-dandruff shampoo. It worked within a week and my hair was much better. Thing is, you have to keep using it – once you stop, it comes back.

I used Nizoral for about 2 years, then it stopped working – I think my scalp got used to it and so I switched to Neutrogena T-Gel which works just as well as Nizoral once did.

I expect that eventually, my scalp will get used to that too and I’ll have to switch back to Nizoral.

So happy to be flake free!

Hair clip.

This is just a simple clip I used to partition my hair when straightening it.

It’s nothing special, but I think the design is cute!

What products do you use on your hair? 

How I look after my long hair How I look after my long hair How I look after my long hair How I look after my long hair How I look after my long hair How I look after my long hair

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