Londonning outfit #OOTD

sunflower dress

sunflower dress

sunflower dress

sunflower dress

I think this dress has been on my blog a few times.

Let’s find out.

Oh yes, I wore it in Paris in 2013, in this post.

sunflower dress

Then in September of 2013, in this post.

sunflower dress

I love it, but looking at the photos I’m kind of wishing I wore the belt with it.

Anyway, yes. I wore this dress last week on my trip to London. It was such a sunny day, so a summery dress like this was a good call.

It is a dress that I sometimes can’t fit into, if I gain a few lbs then it doesn’t fit. So it’s totally the type of dress I use so I can tell if I’m at a comfortable weight/size for me! Haha. Ummmm, yes. But let’s not get into my body insecurities right now!

Hope you all have a nice day!

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