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London Trip and Vlog

As you may have gathered, I went to London with Hayley from TeaPartyBeauty at the start of the month. We got up to quite a…


trip to london

As you may have gathered, I went to London with Hayley from TeaPartyBeauty at the start of the month.

We got up to quite a bit, which you’ve probably gathered from all the posts about London.

I love to document things like this, so here’s the full post about what we got up to.


So it was Tuesday the 3rd of July. I had been 30 for 3 days and it hadn’t hurt as much as I had imagined. I mostly just felt the same, which was a mix of relief and disappointment. It was sunny when I called my Uber. A delightful treat for Yorkshire. I put my LONDON rucksack on both shoulders like an eight-year-old and double checked my camera was in my bag.

When the taxi driver dropped me off, I rolled out of the car trying desperately not to share my arse with Leeds. Tall girl problems. Wearing a dress in a world designed for women that are 5ft 4 is a difficult feat for the 5ft 7 and over. But I make it work. Actually, not, I don’t make it work. I just don’t care if my arse is out. If it is, maybe it will make someone’s day.

I found Hayley at the ticket machine. She waved from afar and said ‘HOLIDAY’. I replied ‘How exciting’. We nipped into Sainsbury’s where we got some food for the journey. I picked a falafel wrap, some juice and salt and vinegar crisps.

We made our train with plenty time to spare, sat opposite each other on table seat. A girl sat next to Hayley. I wondered if she was listening to our conversation. She asked me to plug her phone charger into the plug by my legs at one point. It was awkward and it threw me off, but I managed this brief encounter with a strange human semi-well. I was a bit upset that the colour of the table went against the colour scheme of the rest of my Instagram photos, but I posted it anyway.


I was on the train when I received and e-mail from Kayla. Kayla was my property manager at the lettings agents I was with in my old house. I was in desperate need of a reference so I could proceed and secure my new flat. She told me I wasn’t able to get a reference until Christine (my then housemate) and her boyfriend had applied for the house and been through their tenancy checks. This would take longer than I had. The clock was ticking and I had only 2 days on my application until it would automatically fail.

I spent about forty minutes being really loud and blatant about my frustrations. Not being able to understand what their tenancy application had to do with my reference. Also, why was she telling me something different, again!

I was adiment that as soon as I got back from London, I would march straight to the Letting Agents and refuse to leave until I had my reference.

She also said I had to pay the rest of the rent up front and a £24 fee for a reference. What a joke.

I emailed her back, telling her how I was frustrated. I told her I thought this was unprofessional, that she needed to get her story straight. I would have punched her had she been in front of me. What a knobhead,

After two and half hours, the train pulled into Kingscross. I bought my Oyster card and that made me feel like a Londoner. We made our way to Bank station where Hayley was getting a touch-up on her eyebrow tattoos.

It was interesting, but there was no phone signal and I was getting increasingly anxious about the flat situation. Being unable to check my e-mails was making me feel on edge. I passed time by vlogging Hayley during her eyebrow treatment. Then a camera crew came to film the treatment, so I stepped outside to make room and then I saw it.

My saviour.

Next to the table on the sofa in the waiting room was an A4 framed poster. It was a wifi password for customers. I was so happy I almost cried. I looked on and checked my e-mail. Kayla had replied, saying I just needed to pay the reference fee and the rest of the rent. Then they could release my reference.


I called the agency, the first time it went to voicemail. The second time, a man answered. Funny, as this was a direct line to the knobhead. I’m sure Kayla was avoiding me. Last time we spoke on the phone, she seemed stressed. Good. I’m glad.

I got in trouble for talking in the waiting room by a woman. I feel like no matter where I go, I always get in trouble at least once. Even though I’m 30 years old.

I paid over the phone and told the guy I needed Kayla to process my reference right away as I was running out of time. He said he would pass on the message and get her to do it that afternoon.

I was finally able to relax. I started talking to the camera crew while they were waiting and telling one of the girls all about blogging. It’s nice when people ask and are genuinely interested. Or at least pretend to be.

When the treatment was over, we took a wrong turn out of the salon because we are usless idiots. We finally made it back to the station where we got the tube to Ealing to check into our Doubletree hotel. Getting off the train was frustrating. I had my first taste of hating London when one woman barged passed me, shoving me out of the way while saying ‘EXCUSE ME’. I swore. I don’t regret it one bit. Dickhead deserved it.

We were at the wrong station and it took about 20 minutes to walk to the hotel. When we were almost there, I had 2 missed calls from Karisse, the agent looking after me for the new flat. I checked my e-mail and I felt sick.

‘Hi Corinne, please can you call me urgently. I’ll in the office until 6pm’.

OH NO. URGENT. Nothing good has ever come from urgent.

We got to the hotel, Hayley checked in while I stood outside trying to call her. It kept cutting out.

I carried on trying, thinking all the bad things my head – maybe the landlord had accepted someone else? Something isn’t right.

I finally got through to her and she said:

‘Ok Corinne, I’ve just had a bit of news..’ Oh no I thought. ‘You need to..’ OH NO ‘.. you need to get a moving van because you’re moving!’.

Oh god. The reference had been processed. Everything had gone through. THE FLAT WAS MINE. FINALLY.

She said wanted to tell me over the phone rather than e-mail. It’s been quite the journey we went on to get me this flat. To the point where she even called Kayla herself to get the reference done quicker.

Hayley brought me water from reception then we went to our room at the Doubletree by Hilton hotel.

doubletree hilton ealing

The room was lovely, there was some wine waiting for us which we cracked open in no time. We got ready for the night and then headed back out to London.

Getting out of the tube was a nightmare. It was so full and people crowded around the entrance. Another reason why I was put off by living in London.

We wanted down to the Polo Longue for some fancy cocktails and nibbles. It’s a good job we weren’t paying as we racked up about £120 worth of snacks and drinks in an hour. Yes. Only 2 cocktails and a starter each!

polo longue london

After that, we went to Soho to meet up with Effie. Her friends were there too and it was lovely. I’ve never spoken to her before, but she is adorable.

london3 london4

After many beers, we left to find food. I ordered a veggie pizza and garlic bread. It was too hard to eat right away as I was drunk. Our tube had stopped too, so we had to get out somewhere else where we came across the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child theatre. It was amazing and I felt emotional seeing it. I then Facetimed my friend in America who is coming to watch the play in March.

We got an Uber back to the hotel and ate pizza in bed. I don’t remember the rest.

The next morning, I wasn’t too hungover thankfully. We got up and headed out for 3 press events. Hayley took a few photos of my outfit in a nearby park. The weather was WONDERFUL.

outfit london

The first one was with Focus PR, then we had the Aldi Christmas Event and then the M&S Christmas Event.

marks and spencers christmas

aldi copper pans

Many drinks were had, we spoke to loads of people and learnt some fun facts about the products. It’s weird that blogging can bring you to places like this. Amongst journalists, editors and other people high up in the media. Then there’s me, cluching my camera and feeling a bit out of place. They always ask where you’re from. I had to say ‘I’m a blogger’ so many times. Hoping they don’t ask which blog.


Yes. That’s actaully waht I decided to call my blog. WHY THO?

After the M&S event, we were exhausted. We decided to go to the train station and find a pub into it was time to get our train. We bought some alcohol and food for the journey back and had a couple of beers.

london5 london6

The journey back was probably one of my favourite parts. Not just because we were going back to Leeds, a city just as good as London but not half as busy, but as Hayley and I were drinking and having a good old laugh. There was even a drunk Twitter Q&A.

When we got back to Leeds, we parted ways. We even hugged which we never do. It’s because we’re in love.

I waited for what seemed like years for a city cab. As soon as I got home, I dumped all my stuff in the living room and went straight to bed.

London was lovely. But I wouldn’t want to live there. Because people are dicks.


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  1. Sounds like such a fun weekend.. If not a little stressful with the house situation, but I’m glad that’s all sorted 🙂 I love London, but don’t think I could live there. It’s waay too busy for me. I think it’d panic me going about my daily business. Lovely post!!

  2. Hilarious post! There is no way I could live in London; it’s way too huge and busy and crowded for my liking! And I hate the tube too!

  3. This was an awesome post! Sadly, I have never ever been on a train. Always wanted to! Just never have!

  4. I want to dive into your Christmas vlogs! I know it’s only July, but I’m looking forward to fall and Christmas. Oh, I really want to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, but for now I have to settle for the script.

  5. Wow I would’ve had so much anxiety while waiting to get the situation with your flat sorted but good to hear that it all worked out and you could just let loose and have fun afterwards. I attended a Christmas preview recently too. It’s making me look forward to the holidays.

  6. I had a giggle at this – I’m glad you had such an awesome time, and it’s so wonderful that after all that stress you got the flat sorted, would have made the trip even better for you 🙂

    I found the same with London – although it’s been I think 8 years since I was last there – there’s a lot to see and do but it’s so busy and the people are rude, I wouldn’t want to stay there for any extended time!

    Oh and regarding your comment on my blog, yes babywearing is when you have them in slings or wraps 🙂 I tend to use a carrier as I’m worried I’ll get the wraps wrong, ha! Carriers make it easier.

  7. Sounds like you had quite a few stressful moments, but congrats on the flat!! Loved reading about the London trip and have added the vlogs to a watch later list for when I’m home 🙂 Tania xx

  8. Glad that the stress paid off and you got your flat I bet it’s a relief and now you an make it all homely. London sounds like you had fun and all the M&S food offerings for Christmas look yummy Lucy x

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