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What I’ve Leant from my blogging failures.

A couple of weeks ago, one of my favourite bloggers Amber, from Forever Amber, posted this post about what she learnt about her blogs that…



A couple of weeks ago, one of my favourite bloggers Amber, from Forever Amber, posted this post about what she learnt about her blogs that failed. Amber is an experienced full-time blogger who has been blogging for 10 years, it’s worth reading what she has to say because not only does she know her stuff, but she sure knows how to tell a story and put together an outfit. #goals.

Being inspired by this post, I wanted to but together a similar of my own, that highlights things I’ve tried in relation to blogging and how they’ve failed, maybe why they failed and what I’ve learnt.

It’s so easy to bury your head in the sand when it comes to things that haven’t gone so well. It’s so much easier just to try and sweep things under the carpet and just ignore them rather than announce something had failed and that you’re not going to work towards it.

It can be hard, too. Because when you spend a lot of time working towards something, it can feel frustrating to just let that all go to waste. But if you’re going to continue to put in a lot of time and not get results, sometimes it’s time to cut your losses.

So here are some of the things I’ve tried and failed with.

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Blogger Forums.

It’s over two years now that I tried to launch the forums. I had an idea that it would be a place where people come to share posts, ask questions and make friends. Twitter is great for socialising with bloggers, but it’s so fast pasted things get lost quickly. Facebook groups are also a good place for this, but then again, threads get bumped and can get lost quickly.

With a forum, it’s all organised in sections. I grew up using forums and joined my first forum in around 2001. Since then, I’ve been an active member of many, even a moderator of one.

Unfortunately, it didn’t catch on. For a while things seemed positive – we had over 300 members, but there were only around 8 of us being active. People would join, post, then never come back.

In the end, I let it go. I wonder if I still own that domain!

I think it’s because of social media, that wasn’t around when forums were popular. I guess forums are the old style of social media. It’s a good learning, though, you can sometimes think that because you like something, everyone else will. I was really just trying to create something that was already there via Facebook groups.

Cycling Blog

In Summer of 2014, I got a road bike and I was sure I was going to love every second of riding.

I bought a new domain, The plan was to document my journey as starting out my adventure as well as share tips and drinks on the way.

Though after a few months, I realised I liked running much more than cycling and was posting more about running, food and general fitness than cycling.

That’s when I decided to buy the domain and transfer everything over to that site for a more general fitness blog.

What I learnt from that is, that if a blog isn’t working for you, you don’t just have to quit blogging altogether. You can alter the direction of it if that’s what you wish, you can rebrand, relaunch and change the niche.

Whether you want a specific niche or a more general one, it’s fine to change it if it’s not working for you.


This is something I tried ages ago, back in 2011. Wow, that is a long time.

I did wright a whole post on YouTube, as I’ve decided to start again.

I quit because it was painful editing myself and I had no audience and no clue how to get one! I’m hoping, this time, I’ll get a few more views on there. I’m not expecting to get thousands of views, but it would be nice if some of my existing blog followers would be interested in my videos!

So I’m hoping it will go better and my learning will be that just because something didn’t work once, it doesn’t mean it won’t work in the future!

Bloggers thoughts post.

Back in December, I wrote a post about Sibling Dynamics.

It went down really well! Loads of people wanted to get involved and talk about their brothers and sisters. I put together the post that featured other bloggers.

After this, I decided to try it again and tweet out another question and ask people to get involved. But nobody replied.

So that was that.

What I’ve learnt from that is I need to not give up so quickly, I decided to try this again last week and got another post going! So hopefully that will be a regular feature after all.

Recently I tried again and got a great response, which enabled me to create this post about how some bloggers first got into blogging.

What are your blog failures and learnings?

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  1. It’s definitely hard not to give up when you’ve had a blog fail – but then just remember why you’re doing it. My blog fail is my awful pictures, thankfully they’ve improved! X

  2. I love forums too. I’m a moderator on a forum I’ve been on for 6 years and I’ve noticed there are less and less people active on it and more active on social media groups. I would like a blogging forum, it sounds very interesting and I prefer forums instead of groups.

  3. I tried to do an ‘ask me anything’ style post a while ago but my audience was too small I think back then and nobody asked me anything – oops!

    I will definitely try again though because I have a bigger following now and who knows, maybe people have a few questions for me…

    Emma |

  4. This is a great, thought provoking post. I love how you’re honest enough to talk about your failures; I don’t think many bloggers would be. Well done!

  5. Very good post, very inspiring how you write about the failure’s, but I think, you can learn from them!

  6. I think what you said about forums is true – it was just something popular at one point of time which fizzled out. Hardly anything you could have done honestly. I really want to start so many things on the blog but I am scared there wont be a lot of response – like answering people’s style questions and so on. Maybe I should take the plunge anyway! And add it to my blog failure post later? 🙁

  7. Love this post, I feel like have so many, though most revolve around the same idea – getting bored and giving up. I’m all about the ideas, but as soon as I lose interest in it or feel too constrained by a niche idea, bye bye birdie and it’s onto the next one.
    I love forums, though I don’t use them half as much as I used to, which is a shame because they where such a great way of connecting with people and learning!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  8. This is such a lovely post to read! Your so honest and I really admire that! Xx

    Thrifty vintage fashion

  9. It’s important to acknowledge and celebrate the failures as much as the successes. You aren’t living and learning if you don’t make mistakes. I wonder with the bloggers thought shout out if you had done as a tweet to everyone and it appeared in their timeline if people would have joined in more. As always a great read Lucy x

  10. Ooh, thanks for the link! Love this post – and I totally feel you on the forums thing. I tried one on one of my other blogs, but there was just so little interest from people that it fizzled out. I was really disappointed, because I much prefer forums to social media etc – it’s just so much easier to follow the discussion when it’s all organised in different threads!

  11. You’re very pioneering with your blogging I am very impressed at all that you have tried. I haven’t really tried to do that much with mine!!

  12. This is such a good idea. I’m sure there are many lessons I can learn from the many failures over the last year or so of blogging. I just tend to not think about it; sweep the failures under the rug and ignore them! Love this post 🙂 x

  13. Most of my questions on social media (and the ones at the end of each blog post) are met with the sound of chirping crickets. I just keep asking them though, someday someone will play 😉 I miss forums – I used to be a part of some back in the early 2000s as well, and went on to meet quite a few of those people in real life. We’re all still Facebook friends but it’s not the same any more!

    1. I love this! You mean just wearing yoga pants all winter doesn’t constitute working out? News to me…

  14. While I have always had a blog for my business, I wrote posts sporadically. It is only in the past 3 months that I have decided to shift my business and blog more. My blog fail is my website was just all over the place. Now the branding is more cohesive and I am working on creating more pinnable posts.

  15. My biggest blogging fail so far is the posts I have spent a ton of time on only to have minimal views. I am learning to balance what I want to do with being realistic about time, effort and even cost. I am also still learning the ins and outs of social media and I am sure I am making some big gaffs there. I would like to join some blogging chats and facebook groups but I just don’t really get how they work.

  16. Mmm I have had so many fails, in only two years of blogging! I started out on Weebly, which I decideed wasn’t, I don’t know, cool enough for a blogger like me (lol), I guess almost immediately after I started blogging I realized most bloggers were on WordPress or Blogger, and WordPress seemed outwith my technical ability. SO I moved my blog within a few months of starting it, which was dumb. THEN I bought a cheap domain, which promptly got quadrupled in price when
    the year was up, which infuriated me,so I switched back to blogspot which made all of my old links dead. Oh yeah and I changed my blog name too in the process. I really am the world’s worst blogger! But sticking it out is the main thing I guess?! I think a bloggers forum would be good personally but I am old! ;-0

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