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Glossybox July 2016

My July Glossybox arrived yesterday. The day before, I packed up my blog photo setup in order to pile the chest of drawers with boxes…


Glossybox July 2016 review

My July Glossybox arrived yesterday. The day before, I packed up my blog photo setup in order to pile the chest of drawers with boxes of dresses for the big move at the weekend.

Luckily, I hadn’t packed the wallpaper background too deep amongst the rest of the clutter so I managed to pull it out and put it on the floor for these photos. That’s what she said. Heyyyy!

Next time I take photos of a Glossybox, it will be in my new flat. Woo.

Okay, let’s see what the July Glossybox has to offer us, shall we?

July Glossybox 2016

Glossybox July 2016 review hairon brush

Hairon De-tangle brush.

Oh dear, I just got a full sized tangle teaser last week, so I really don’t need this. I guess I can chuck it in my bag for work and never use it (like all those lip balms and hand creams) as it’s a lot smaller than the tangle teaser. It’s designed to fit in your hand to help detangle hair.

It’s also good for natural hair extensions. I love these things, I just don’t need two!


Glossybox July 2016 review utan and tone

Utan and Tone – Nourishing night cream.

I have so many night creams like this from previous Glossyboxes. I actually went through all my stash yesterday and chucked away a lot. I need to get in a better habit of using samples like this rather than just buy new face cream.

Anyway, this night cream works while you sleep. It’s an odorless formula that will gradually tan your skin without staining your pillow. Win.


Glossybox July 2016 review blank canvas brush Glossybox July 2016 review blank canvas f20

Bank Canvas – F20 flat brush. 

I always apply foundation with my fingers because LOLOLOL who has time to wash brushes once a week?

Though this brush makes me want to try a brush again to apply my liquid foundation. This brush claims to make your foundation flawless.


Glossybox July 2016 review icona milano

Icona Milano – Emotion allowed mascara. 

EMOTION ALLOWED. Haha, that made me laugh. Or cry. Because I have a lot of emotion. Especially at the moment when all my belongings are in boxes around me and I haven’t a clue what’s going on in my life.

This is a waterproof mascara, great for you emotional wrecks, like me, that cry cat videos and that pug that’s dancing to the tele. It has a deep colour for an intense look. Perfect with that tense cry face.

It’s also buildable for a day look and a night look. Winner winner veggie dinner.


Glossybox July 2016 review hawaiian tropic

Hawaiian Tropic – Island berry lips.

Hands up if you know what I hate?

That’s right, kids. Lip gloss. I HATE LIP GLOSS. BURN THIS.

I have nothing else to say.


Right, so that was the box. To be honest, it was a bit boring. I like the mascara and the brush, but everything else is a bit meh and the lipgloss is stupid. I hate you, lipgloss.

Is there anything here you would like to try?

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  1. I think it’s a great idea to have one in the handbag or to keep it for the holidays. I usually comb my hair because it doesn’t look as good as it should after a few hours.

  2. I can feel the passion behind your hatred for lip glosses, hahaha, but god, I hate lip glosses too. Eeeeek, good luck with the move, Corinne!!


  3. I have an irrational hate for lipgloss. Actually you know what? Its not irrational hate – I hate the overly babyish colours, the stickiness, the overpriced price and the most I hate why it just couldn’t be lipstick. I have really wanted to try the matte lipglosses which become lipstick once they dry or something) but I have just avoided it because of this lipgloss hate. Is there anyway to get only creams and stuff – like skincare and not makeup from Glossybox? I am going to investigate.

  4. I have no love for lip gloss either! It just always manages to make my hair stick to my lips when I wear it so I just avoid it at all costs now. That mascara has such a cute tagline 🙂

  5. Cannot stop giggling at this post. HATE YOU lipgloss. Haha I feel your pain and hatred! YAY for moving though!! 😀

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  6. LMAO @ ‘winner winner veggie dinner’, seriously Corinne, you have some of the best lines. Not so sure how I feel about this box at all…I would agree on your assessment of it though, it is boring.

  7. This is not a horrible box at least. But lol at “winner winner veggie dinner,” literally made me lol. Lip glosses are getting annoying tbh. It totally sucks that you just bought a brush though lol.

  8. Before I saw your comment about the lip gloss, I saw the picture of the contents. I saw the lip gloss and thought “uh-oh, Corinne’s not going to like that!” Haha. The Hairon brush sounds good. I have a small one like that but Superdrug’s own. The smaller size is handy! x

  9. Shame that you got two products that you won’t use, lip gloss is really a love hate isn’t it. I go through stages of likening it and hating it. A mixed box Lucy x

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