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How to brighten up our British summer.


First of all, HELLO I’M 30 TODAY. Doom.

Secondly, ugh summer. Don’t even.

This has to be one of the worst summers we’ve had. It’s rained every day apart from about 2 days? Where is my sunshine!!!!

I love summer. It’s the best. Soon it’s going to be doomy autumn, which is the worst season (I know I’m the only person who feels like this)ย and now summer seems to be mimicking it. I don’t want two autumns. NO.

All of my summer dresses are just that. Summery, bright, no sleeves.. but I hardly get to wear them. I don’t want to wear dull colours at this time of year, so I’ve come up with a wish list of bright items that are British Summer friendly!


The poncho and bag is from Dunedin Cashmere. HELLO TARTAN. My favourite. These colours are so lovely, too. Similar to the whole list really, can you see a theme? Ha.

The poncho is also perfect for throwing on when those clouds come to ruin the summer, or the rain decides to pay a visit!

I picked this floral skirt from HoF because you’re still able to wear either strappy top if it’s hot, or something a bit warmer if not. I picked a scarf for the colder evenings, or afternoons – the mornings seem to start off so bright, then by 3pm it seems to rain!

Then the boots to keep your feet dry when the sky opens up.

What summery items to you own that are suitable for our ever changing seasons?

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